What is Micro Piezo Technology?

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Characteristics of Micro Piezo print heads

Epson inkjet printers for all applications - from compact photo printers through to large industrial printers - contain a Micro Piezo print head. Although manufacturing these print heads requires an extraordinary high level of precision, Epson has achieved this by using the precision processing technology accumulated over many years of manufacturing watches.

Launched in 2007, the Thin Film Piezo(TFP) print head is used throughout Epson's range of large format printers. And PrecisionCore print heads launched in 2013 take this a stage further. The piezo element is fabricated like a thin film to extremely high levels of precision using a semiconductor production process and Epson's proprietary silicon MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology.

How Micro Piezo print heads work

Micro Piezo print heads contain piezo elements. Ink is fired from the print head when a voltage is applied, causing the piezo element to move. One important characteristic of Micro Piezo is that it is possible to precisely control the amount of ink fired. This is because the movement of the print head is mechanical, and does not use heat.

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Advantages of Micro Piezo print heads

1. Superior ink versatility

Because it doesn't use heat, Micro Piezo technology is suitable for use with a wide range of inks. This in turn increases the opportunities for printing. For example, Epson's original pigment inks are suitable for customers who demand crisp image quality, high ink durability, and water fastness, while solvent inks are for customers who need to print outdoor sighs and posters.

2. Excellent durability

Micro Piezo print heads are extremely durable. This is because they utilize ceramic material, and do not use heat, which can cause performance to deteriorate. In additional to consumer applications, printers using these print heads can be used in the tough conditions found in the industrial printing world.

3. High image quality

Epson's Multi Size Dot Technology (MSDT) is used to precisely adjust the amount of ink fired from the print head. Firing ink droplets as small as 1.5 picoliters, it's possible for Epson printers to print stunning images with rich gradations and with almost no granulation.
Meniscus control prevents the ink that remains in the ink chamer from changing the shape of the ink droplets. This means that the droplets fired from the print head are always spherical, and can always be fired accurately.

4. High speed

Epson printers can print quickly due to MSDT, which precise controls the size of the 40,000 ink droplets that can be fired each second.