Future Epson Technologies

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Epson, operating under its SE15 corporate vision aims to be a company that is indispensable to its customers by continuing to provide products that exceed expectations.
To realize this vision, Epson will leverage the compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies that form the base of its core printing, projection and sensing technologies, in addition to developing new core technologies based on these attributes. Using this approach, Epson will move into and expand in the home, business, commercial and industrial, education, and other markets and segments, providing products and services that surprise and delight customers around the world.

Epson aims to use these pioneering technologies as enablers of its vision. Some examples are as follows.

Everything to be "printed by Epson"

From printing on paper in the home or office, Epson's technology permits printing on a variety of surfaces, thereby enabling the use of inkjet technology in the production of industrial goods such as textiles, electronic circuit boards, and liquid crystal displays.

Use and enjoy visual images anytime, anywhere.

Whether at home or at school, for business or for pleasure, Epson seeks to create an environment where you can use and enjoy visual images anytime, anywhere, on anything from wearable gear to ultra-big screens.

Helping to mitigate environmental impacts

Epson will help to reduce the environmental footprint by offering inkjet printers, projectors, and other products by reducing the use of resources, reducing waste and offering some of the lowest power requirements in their categories.

Moving Epson products into the cloud

Epson will support cloud computing from its full product lineup. In addition to providing powerful, easy-to-use cloud-compatible printers, scanners and projectors, we will use our microdevices to support network and cloud products, including base stations, wireless equipment and many others.

Compact, energy-saving and high-precision technologies

Residing at the heart of Epson's strength are technologies that save energy, time, and labor, reduce product size, weight, and environmental impact, and provide outstanding precision and accuracy.