World-Changing Technologies

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The Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ, the world's first quartz watch, went on sale in 1969. By the time the Astron 35SQ was released, quartz timepieces were already known for outstanding accuracy. The challenge was to shrink their dimensions. Epson jumped at the challenge and succeeded in rapidly scaling down a tabletop-sized timepiece to the size of a wristwatch. The supremely accurate Astron 35SQ touched off a worldwide explosion in quartz watches, and for the first time in human history people around the globe had access to the correct time, anytime and anywhere.

Epson contributed significantly to the world by providing people with accurate, wearable timepieces so that they know what time it is, anytime and anywhere.

In the process of developing this quartz watch Epson found it necessary to independently develop both a tiny tuning-fork-shaped crystal unit and IC unit. These were the devices on which Epson's quartz device, semiconductor, and other microdevice businesses were built.