World-Changing Technologies

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Epson was responsible for changing the culture of business presentations.
Midway through the 1990s the spread and increased power of PCs and presentation software made the creation of PC presentations a common practice. Emerging as a powerful partner in the showing of presentations was the projector.

In 1988 Epson developed the world's first 3LCD video projector. In 1994, using the technology accumulated during that effort, Epson narrowed its target to presentations and other business uses and developed the EMP-3000. Taking up no more space on a tabletop than a standard notebook, the ELP-3000 was the world's smallest projector at the time, yet it generated three times the brightness of its predecessor. Moreover, it was engineered for connectivity with PCs and other gear.

The ELP-3000, along with evolving PC and presentation software, kicked off a long line of projectors that would go on to become essential tools for presentations.
Today, given their ability to produce outsized images at low cost, projector uses are expanding beyond business presentations and into areas such as home theater, education, and electronic signage.