Management Message

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Minoru Usui

Epson is firmly focused on developing distinctive and exciting products built around the original compact, energy-saving and high precision technologies it has refined over the years. In 2013, we established our Updated SE15 Mid-Range Second-Half Business Plan, which accelerated our efforts and allowed us to expand our business into new areas including office inkjet printers, interactive projectors, industrial robots and printing systems, sensing systems aimed at the sports, personal healthcare and medical markets, and smart glasses. This plan also expressed Epson's desire to take on the challenge of transforming itself from being primarily a manufacturer of printers and other precision equipment to being one that complements its products with value-added services and solutions for its customers. I am pleased to say that these efforts are starting to bear fruit.

Epson's mission going forward is to become a company that is indispensable to its customers around the world by reacting decisively to developments in the market and society, by anticipating the needs and expectations of its customers, and by providing products and services that surpass these expectations. This goal is expressed in Epson's "Exceed Your Vision" global tagline. To realize this we will continue to innovate, concentrate on our strengths and refine our core technologies to deliver to our customers genuine value that others simply cannot imitate.

Now is an exciting time for Epson and I am determined to communicate with as many customers as I can about the changes we are implementing. I am looking forward to your support as we move forward.

Minoru Usui
Minoru Usui, President