Management Message

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Minoru Usui

Everyone at Epson continues to be firmly focused on developing distinctive and exciting products built around the original compact, energy-saving and high precision technologies we have refined over the years. As a result of this ongoing commitment and the support we have received from all our stakeholders we are proud to celebrate in 2015 the 40th anniversary of the Epson brand.

The brand was created in the wake of the iconic EP-101 compact, lightweight printer that was the impetus for the company to expand into a wide range of markets. It expresses the hope that the company would create a large number of future products and services that would prove to be worthy children – or "sons" - of the EP (electric printer") by following its example in generating original value for customers.

Reflecting this desire, we have continued to sell various Epson branded products and services to many different customers around the world. In 2013, we established our Updated SE15 Mid-Range Second-Half Business Plan, and based on this we are proceeding with our plans to become a company that once again posts strong growth by creating and providing new information solutions and equipment for professionals and other customers. By continuing our efforts to understand changing customer needs and to leverage our core Micro Piezo, microdisplay, sensing and robotics technologies, we are beginning to see positive results as we seek to drive innovations in printing, visual communications, quality of life, and manufacturing.

We will not fear change as we continue to move forward. However, we will continue to deliver on the promise expressed in our "Exceed Your Vision" global tagline, in other words Epson's commitment to providing products and services that surpass people's expectations. Going forward, our mission is to become a company that is indispensable to its customers, and to achieve this we will continue to innovate, concentrate on our strengths and refine our core technologies to deliver to our customers genuine value that others simply cannot imitate.

It is a very exciting time for Epson and I am determined to communicate with as many customers as I can about the changes we are implementing. I am looking forward to your support as we move forward.

Minoru Usui
Minoru Usui, President