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Minoru Usui, President

Minoru Usui

Ever since joining Epson, Minoru Usui, who became president in 2008, has relentlessly pursued the development and perfection of new technologies that would open up future avenues for Epson.

When Usui began his career with Epson in 1979, printer companies had started to explore new printing systems to replace the impact printers that were prevalent at the time. The encounter between Epson and Usui at the dawn of the inkjet printer age proved to be fortuitous for both.

Usui spent his first few years with the company planning and designing miniprinters for calculators. He then moved on to inkjet printer development. Here, after a long and steady process of experimentation, he became convinced of the huge potential of piezoelectric printing systems, leading him to tackle the challenge of mass producing compact, high-performance print heads built around piezoelectric elements. His efforts led, in 1993, to the successful development of Epson's first commercial inkjet printer equipped with a Micro Piezo print head.

In 2005 he left the printer business to head up Epson's Production Engineering & Development Division, where he was charged with strengthening the company's production engineering and technology. Two years later, in 2007, he was also tapped to head up the Corporate R&D Division, a role in which he applied his broad vision to the exploration of new possibilities and the creation of new businesses.

After becoming president, Usui began planning Epson's mid- and long-range growth strategy amid the harsh economic environment that followed the international financial crisis. These plans eventually culminated, in 2009, with the announcement of Epson's SE15 long-range corporate vision. Ever since, Usui has provided strong leadership as he has sought to guide the company toward achieving the vision of Epson using its unique platform of compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies to become an indispensable company for customers and society.

(Current as of November 2015)

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Work history

November 1979

Joined Shinshu Seiki Co., Ltd. (Currently Seiko Epson Corporation)

April 2002

Appointed Deputy Chief Executive, Imaging & Information Products Operations Division

June 2002

Appointed Director

October 2007

Appointed Managing Director

June 2008

Appointed President (current position)