Regional Headquarters: Europian Region

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Through Epson's regional headquarters, we are able to accurately pinpoint local needs and respond faster and more flexibly than the competition.

Epson Europe B.V.
Main address Azië building, Atlas ArenA
Hoogoorddreef 5
1101 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Main telephone number 31-20-314-5000
Main facsimile number 31-20-314-5005
Representative Noriyuki Hama (Chairman)
Hiromi Taba (President)
Country The Netherlands
Establishment date January 17, 1990
Company structure Private joint-stock corporation
Company classification Subsidiary (over 50%)
Consolidation classification Consolidated company
Sales territory Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Russia
Number of directors At least one
Authorized capital EUR 170,000,000
Paid-in capital EUR 95,000,000
Total shares issued 95,000,000
Total equity 100%
Activities Strategic headquarters for Europe, Middle-East, Africa and former Soviet Union for the sales and marketing of Epson brand products and system devices. It is also the financial and administrative centre, providing back-up functions for all European operations. The marketing departments are based in the United Kingdom, France and The Netherlands.
Company history January 17, 1990 Establishment
September 30, 1992 Capital increased (to fund purchase of Epson Iberica S.A. (EIB) office and warehouse under EIB restructuring plan)
January 30, 1998 Investment in kind (acquisition of shares in European subsidiaries held by Epson Trading SA (ETS) by Seiko Epson (SE).
October 1, 2000 All Epson European Sales B.V. (SHQ) functions integrated under Epson Europe B.V. (EHQ), operations commenced as Epson Europe B.V. under new structure (acronym changed from EHQ to EEB)
April 1, 2001 Number of shares changed from 75 million to 95 million following currency change (NLG to EUR)
Number of employees (as at 31 March 2003) 387
Number of employees assigned or transferred from Seiko Epson Corp (as at 31 March 2003) 26
Website address New Window

(As of March 30, 2009)