Regional Headquarters: China Region

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Through Epson's regional headquarters, we are able to accurately pinpoint local needs and respond faster and more flexibly than the competition.

Epson (China) Co., Ltd.
Main address 7F, Jinbao Building No.89 Jinbao Street
Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, 100005
Main telephone number 86-10-8522-1199
Main facsimile number 86-10-8522-1120
Representative Kiyofumi Koike (Chairman and president)
Area Asia-Pacific
Country People's Republic of China
Establishment date April 15, 1998
Company structure Wholly owned foreign entity
Company classification Subsidiary (over 50%)
Consolidation classification Consolidated company
Number of directors Five
Authorized capital US$124,500,000
Paid-in capital US$124,500,000
Total shares issued 1
Total equity 100%
Activities Support for sales and after-sales in China, consulting for parent company and group companies (holding company)
Company history April 15, 1998 Establishment (business approval granted) of Epson (China) Co., Ltd.
March 13, 1999 Epson China Guangzhou Branch opened (functions of Guangzhou Representative Office transferred to Epson China Guangzhou Branch)
April 24, 1999 Epson China Chengdu Office opened
May 20, 1999 Epson China Dalian Office opened
June 14, 1999 Epson China Shanghai Branch opened (In SEE Office)
May 18, 2000 Epson China Xian Office opened
July 8, 2000 Epson China Shanghai Office opened
August 30, 2000 Epson China Wuhan Office opened
  Epson China Beijing Office opened
June 8, 2001 Epson China Shenzhen Office opened
July 18, 2001 Epson China Jinnan Office opened
August 24, 2001 Epson China Shenyang Office opened
August 28, 2001 Epson China Nanjing Office opened
October 15, 2001 Epson China Chongqin Office opened
August 1, 2002 Epson China Shanghai Office relocated
Number of employees (end of fiscal year 2006) 515
Number of employees assigned or transferred from Seiko Epson Corp (end of fiscal year 2006) 28
Website address (Chinese) New Window

(As of April 1, 2009)