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Wearable Products Business

Wearable products for sports and personal healthcare

By monitoring the body and physical activity, these devices offer the customer valuable data they need.

In sports and health, Epson offers products and services that combine wearable products using original sensing technology with cloud-based services. Going forward, Epson will also explore opportunities in the medical field.

Fitness monitor

GPS sports monitor

Golf swing analyzer


The starting point of ultra-precise processing technologies

Epson's origins lie in watchmaking. Over the years, the company has created a large number of products based on the efficient, compact and precision technologies it has accumulated since it was founded. Epson creates wristwatches sold under the Seiko brand, including Spring Drive, GPS Solar and solar wave watches, mechanical wristwatches sold under the Orient brand, and the Smart Canvas watches that display the time on an electronic paper display. Epson also manufactures and sells wristwatch movements.

GPS solar watch

Mechanical watch

Electronic paper display watch

Watch movement

Sensing systems

These systems are based on Epson's unique sensing technology.

In industrial sectors such as architecture and public works, and in various aspects of infrastructure maintenance, Epson offers sensing systems based on its small-scale, high-precision technology that can monitor various data.

Inclinometer / Accelerometer

Inertial measurement unit

Robotics Solutions Business

Robot systems

Automation of manufacturing

With a lineup that includes its world-leading SCARA robots and also six-axis robots, Epson is making a significant contribution to the automation of production lines around the world.

SCARA robot

Compact six-axis robot

IC handlers

The company offers IC handlers that are helping to drive growth in the semiconductor industry with their industry-leading throughput and stable operation.

IC test handler

Microdevices Business

Quartz crystal devices

Utilizing its unique QMEMS technology, Epson maximizes the outstanding accuracy and frequency stability of crystal to provide crystal components to a market that demands high precision and high reliability for consumer products such as smartphones, and for use in infrastructure and in automotive uses. Epson responds to the demands of a wide range of industries with a variety of timing devices, such as crystal units, oscillators, and real-time clock modules, as well as various sensing devices, such as gyro sensors.

Crystal oscillator

Real time clock module

Gyro sensors


Epson offers a wide range of semiconductors based on its energy saving technologies. These include display controllers and drivers for LCDs displays, micro controllers and ASICs. Epson's products are used in a wide variety of fields ranging from healthcare to automotive applications.

LCD controller

Micro controller


Other Business

Powdered metals

Using its original manufacturing processes, Epson Atmix Corporation has developed a wide range of high-performance powdered metals that form the base materials for electronic components and other products.

Powdered metals

Surface processing

Epson offers original high value-added surface treatment technology to the electronics, semiconductor, automotive, medical industries. Developments include wafer Au-Sn plating and spot Au plating on FPC.

Wafer Au-Sn plating

Spot Au plating on FPC

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