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A wide range of products exploring the full potential of projectors

Epson employs 3LCD technology, which allows projectors to accurately project images that are bright, natural, and easy on the eyes. Based on the quality and performance of 3LCD, Epson's extensive lineup of projectors for business, education and the home includes functions and features including mobile, interactive and 3D compatibility as well as high-brightness and high contrast images. Epson's aim is to use the power of the big-screen projector experience to promote visual communications that stirs powerful emotions and helps people to communicate ideas better.

Business projector

Interactive projector

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Smart eyewear

Epson has succeeded in creating a beautiful, large-scale, see-through video display using the company's original optical technology.

MOVERIO expands today's lifestyle by giving people a new way of seeing the world, while MOVERIO Pro is helping to create a smarter workplace, creating a new visual communication culture.

Smart eyewear

High-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panels

Small, high-resolution, high-aperture ratio microdisplays

High-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT liquid crystal panels are core components in 3LCD projectors and are used by a number of projector manufacturers, including Epson. Utilizing its proprietary cutting-edge liquid crystal and high-aperture ratio technologies, Epson creates HTPS panels that maximize the distinctive features of the bright, natural, easy-on-the-eyes 3LCD projectors, and are used in energy efficient, environmentally conscious products. This HTPS panel technology is also being applied to the development of the Ultimicron series of bright, high-resolution, ultra-compact color displays used in electronic viewfinders for Smart Eyewear, digital mirrorless single-lens cameras, high-end compact digital cameras, broadcast- and professional-use camcorders, and other products.



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