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Products for the Office

The projector market share leader for 16 consecutive years1

1 Unit volume share for projectors with 500 lumens or more from 2001-2016. (Source: Futuresource Consulting Limited research)

Events and signage

3LCD laser projectors
Laser light sources offer both brightness and reliability

The laser projector lineup includes models up to 25,000 lumens for amazing brightness and picture quality. Laser projectors are virtually maintenance-free for 20,000 hours thanks to the combination of durable inorganic LCD panels and an inorganic phosphor wheel. Flexibility and convenience are further improved with 360-degree installation. Our laser projectors have superior robustness and a sealed cooling system for better protection against smoke.


Education and meetings

Business projectors (mobile models)
Bright, lightweight, mobile projectors ideal for meetings or presentations on the road

Images are bright, crisp and vivid even in light rooms. A short-throw lens allows you to project a big picture from a short distance. A4 in size, 44 mm thick, and weighing 1.7 kg, our mobile business projectors are slim enough to effortlessly slip into a business bag along with a laptop PC and documents, making them easy to transport, whether in your office or on the road.

Wall-mountable ultra-short throw projectors
Increase lesson or meeting efficiency with an interactive pen and a host of editing functions

Thanks to an ultra-short throw lens, someone standing in front of the projected image can use an interactive pen to interact with a PC to click, drag and otherwise control images, without throwing a shadow. Increase lesson or meeting efficiency with editing functions that allow you to write or draw directly on projected images. Print images as they are or zoom in on selected parts and print.


Products for the Home


Turning living rooms into movie theaters

Epson projectors use a 3LCD system to project b right, smooth, natural-looking images that are easy on the eyes. We are expanding the potential for visually communicating thoughts, ideas, and excitement using big-screen projected images in various settings.

High-end home theater projector

Allows you to experience absolute black, with 4K support and a laser light source producing a wide color gamut.

Extensive lineup

From models with an integrated DVD player and built-in speakers to full - HD model sand wireless models, we have an extensive lineup of home projectors.

Smart glasses

New lifestyle choices with Epson's next-generation smart glasses
Light, compact 3rd-generation smart glasses offer great image quality

Enjoy videos, drone first-person view, augmented reality games, museum/ gallery tours, and more with Moverio smart g lasses that feature original see-through displays and OLED displays based on Epson's original optical technologies.

Moverio BT-300

Products for Professionals

Smart headset

Revolutionizing work processes with Moverio

The Moverio Pro is a revolutionary binocular headset with see-through displays. Comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time and offering improved hands-free operation along with image recognition enabled by high-performance sensors, this headset is revolutionizing work processes by allowing people to safely gather and deliver, including remotely, the information they need to carry out complex tasks in demanding commercial environments.

Moverio Pro BT-2000
smart headset
Video or still images are projected on both see-through lenses in the wearer's field of view, so more information can be displayed on this headset than on single-lens types.

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