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Home and office-use products (inkjet printers)

Epson's compact printers can be placed anywhere and are capable of printing beautiful photos and text.

The latest photo all-in-one printers are slim and compact in size. They are equipped with user-friendly features, such as a function that anticipates what operation should be performed and provides guidance to enable the user to carry out the operation without confusion, and also alerts the user should an inadvertent mistake be made. They can respond to a variety of print environments, including printing from smartphones or tablets through the Internet or email.

Photo printers



Epson's mobile printers are light and compact, and they come with built-in battery and WiFi, so they can be used anytime, anywhere.

The size, the battery, and the WiFi are combined with a full line of pigment ink colors and various options for battery charging and power supply - all the functions you could ask for in a mobile printer are combined into one. These printers are perfect for a wide range of business scenarios, such as visiting a customer or printing out documents on the spot when negotiating a deal.

Mobile printer

Epson introduced the world's first inkjet printer to feature a high-capacity (black: 140ml, color:70ml) ink tank system.

These printers achieve high-quality printing at the lower running costs required by customers in emerging markets. After achieving significant success there, they are now being rolled out in developed economies. Convenient for customers who print in large volumes, they significantly reduce the frequency of replacing cartridges while also reducing the environmental burden.

High-capacity ink tank printer

Office inkjet printers with newly developed
PrecisionCore print head for faster and more beautiful printouts

Epson's latest office inkjet printers feature the newly developed PrecisionCore print heads, which boast a significantly larger number of nozzles in each row, resulting in high-speed, high-quality printing. In addition to using the full range of pigment ink colors, new color mapping technology that produces even more vibrant business documents is used to achieve brilliant, high quality printing, even on normal paper. Another major improvement is the addition of a fax function to the large touchscreen control panel, which allows the user to preview faxes prior to sending.

High-capacity ink pack models consume less power than laser printers and offer a lower cost per print. The use of large ink packs reduces the frequency with which ink has to be replaced and eliminates much of the time and trouble related to ink inventory control.

Business inkjet printers

Home and office-use products (page printers)

Products that meet the needs of customers worldwide

Epson is dedicated to providing true value as it seeks to meet growing customer demand for low cost, high speed, high security multifunction products designed with the environment in mind.

Page printers

Professional Printing Business

Commercial printers

Strengthening our product lineup to meet our customers' divergent uses

In the business/ professional market, we combine high resolution and usability to offer an enhanced lineup of large format printers that can be used in a variety of ways-printing photos, producing proofs for printing, creating point-of-purchase materials, creating educational materials, creating signage, outputting CAD diagrams, printing patterns on textiles, etc.. Going forward, we will continue to offer attractive products incorporating new Epson technologies aimed at maximizing both quality and productivity.

Large-format printers

Industrial inkjet printing systems

Digitization of the printing industry with inkjet technology

Through its inkjet label presses and textile printers, Epson is promoting the digitalization of customers' manufacturing processes, and is making significant contributions to small-lot high-mix production and reducing the cost and environmental burden of production. Epson is working to provide strong solutions for the label and textile printing products by offering exceptional print quality, strong productivity, low running costs, ease of use, and a reliable support system.

Digital label printer

Commercial compact printers

Creating new customer value

Epson is revolutionizing workflows and creating machines that continue to provide new customer value such as lightweight mobile receipt printers for POS systems that can be used with smart devices and that can handle NFC pairing, or high-speed, high-quality color label printers equipped with PrecisionCore lineheads.

Mobile receipt printer

Color label printer

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