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Products for the Office


Addressing every office printing need

With high-spec, low-cost inkjet printers, durable, high-volume, high-speed page printers and mobile printers that provide an optimal printing environment on the road, Epson boasts a full lineup of office printers designed to meet the needs of every office user.

Inkjet printers
Increasing the efficiency of operations with outstanding performance and reliability

Epson's unique PrecisionCore printheads deliver quality prints at high-speed for enterprises. Models equipped with high-capacity ink packs require only infrequent replacement of consumables, alleviate the time and trouble of managing inventory, provide a lower cost per print than page printers, and consume less power.

WorkForce Pro
WF-5620 Series
WorkForce Pro
WF-M5690 Series
WorkForce Pro
WF-R8590 Series
(high-capacity ink pack model)
Light, compact mobile printers with a built-in battery

Small enough to take on the road in a business bag, store in a desk drawer, or stand on end on a bookshelf.

WorkForce WF-100 mobile printer
Page printers

Whether for printing color POP signs or monochrome forms, Epson's page printer lineup has something for everyone. Page printers can be used in combination with office inkjets to provide an optimal printing environment.

AL-M8100DN Series
An extensive lineup for superior image quality and high-speed scanning

Our photo s canners electronically capture high-definition, vivid digital images from film and photos.

Our document scanners contribute to operational efficiency by quickly and reliably scanning high volumes of documents, and sorting, storing and sharing them as needed.

Epson has a full line of products that can answer the needs of customers wanting to p reserve digital copies of paper and film.

WorkForce DS-530
color document scanner
WorkForce DS-860
color document scanner
Perfection V850
photo scanner
WorkForce DS-40
portable color scanner


* Small Office/ Home Office

Inkjet printers
Inkjet printers with high-capacity ink tanks tailored for use in small offices and home offices (SOHO).

This model is equipped with a high-capacity ink tank that achieves low running costs for small businesses.


An efficient, easy-to-use printing environment for the retail, distribution and food service industries
Impact printers

Epson offers impact printers for printing the various kinds of forms used in the retail and distribution industries including multipart and continuous forms such as delivery slips, accounting forms and inventory forms.

Receipt printers

Epson has an extensive lineup of receipt printers for every need at the cash register or counter, where they help increase efficiency and improve service.

Products for the Home

Inkjet printer

Compact printers for beautiful photos, crisp text, and easy installation

The latest photo all-in-ones have a slim, compact design and are Wi-Fi® enabled, offering more installation flexibility.

Helpful features such as predictive input lead you quickly through tasks, while alerts let you know when an error has been made.

Easily print from a smartphone, tablet, or using Epson Email Print.

A3 model with new 6-color ink set for amazing image quality
Expression Photo XP-960
Expression Premium XP-830
Expression Premium XP-630

Products for Professionals

Using original printheads to meet every printing need

Epson is revolutionizing work processes in the printing and textile industries by tapping into the speed, power, and ink versatility of PrecisonCore printheads.

Photography and graphics

Thanks to a combination of outstanding image quality and usability, Epson's professional printers can be used to print anything from photos and proofs to POP signs, CAD output, and educational materials.

Photos and proofs

We meet the strict requirements of the high-end segment with printers endowed with amazing powers of expression and high throughput.

CAD, GIS1 and posters

We have a broad lineup of products tailored to various needs and applications.

1 Geographic Information System

A2/ A3 Graphics

The S C-P800 series offers superior color reproduction and rendering of shadow detail to meet the image quality requirements of professional and high-level amateur photographers.


Inkjet digital printing can be used for a wide variety of goods, from apparel to small personal items and interior goods, Dye-sublimation printers have a wide range of uses and provide outstanding image quality and through put, meeting the textile printing industry needs for greater efficiency and faster turnaround times.

SC-F series
textile printer


We provide products that meet the reliability, productivity, and cost requirements of sign and display producers. The signage industry can receive the image quality and stable operation it expects, at a low total cost of ownership.

SC-S series signage printer

Label printing

Epson helps customers lower their production costs, reduce their environmental impacts, and process short-run jobs with digital technology. In addition to outstanding print quality, Epson offers high productivity and good usability.

Industrial label presses

Epson meets the demanding requirements of the label printing industry with high-speed label presses that handle a wide variety of substrates.

SurePress L-6034VW
industrial label press
Color label printers

Epson provides easy-to-use, compact, high-speed line printers for on-demand printing of labels in-house.

color label printer
color label printer

PaperLab Business Project

PaperLab (office papermaking system)

The world's first in-office paper recycler to produce new paper using a dry process1, 2

PaperLab employs Epson's Dry Fiber Technology to produce new paper from used paper.

As a leader in printing, Epson sought to develop technology that would change the paper cycle and allow people to print with complete peace of mind. With PaperLab, Epson aims to give paper new value and help bring about a sustainable society.

1 PaperLab is the first paper recycling system to use a dry process, according to Epson research conducted in November 2015.

2 A small amount of water is used to maintain humidity inside the system.

Dry fiber technology

PaperLab produces paper in a dry process.

Epson developed a dry process to save water, a precious global resource.

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