Achievements and Issues


Under the SE15 Corporate Vision that began in FY2009 and the SE15 Updated Mid-Range Business Plan the company has followed since FY2013, Epson focused on its strengths and transformed its business portfolio by shifting to new business models and product lineups in existing businesses and by opening up new business domains. On the other hand, we were unable to fully advance in some new business areas. Epson identified issues in these areas that it must address to secure future growth. Specifically, we will have to acquire knowledge in these new areas. We will have to expand and upgrade our sales and support organization here and in other priority areas. On the whole, however, the actions taken under SE15 are yielding results in each business. The company is now structured to generate a steady flow of cash and, with exchange rates acting as a tailwind, Epson has achieved a solid financial turnaround.


  • ♦ Built the ability to generate steady cash flow
    • Shifted to new business models and entered new business domains
    • Solidified the foundation of the value chain


  • ♦ Unable to fully advance into some new businesses and domains
    • Need to acquire knowledge in new business domains
    • Need to strengthen sales & support

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