Corporate Vision

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In 2009, in response to shifting global trends, Epson unveiled SE15, a long-range vision that crystallizes the company's vision for the year 2015 and outlines how we plan to become indispensable to our customers and society. At the same time, we also established the SE15 Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2009 - FY2011), a detailed three-year action plan to put us on track to achieving the goals of SE15.

SE15 Vision Statement

SE15 Vision Statement

The Epson Envisioned in SE15

The graphic below illustrates how Epson is envisioned in SE15 in terms of technologies, business domains, and customer value.

Epson continues to refine its compact, energy saving and high precision technologies. Based on this concept, the company is looking to drive innovation changes in printing, visual communications, quality of life and manufacturing based on its core technologies (Micro Piezo, microdisplay, and sensing) and create and create products and services that exceed customer expectations. Epson is also looking to grow by drawing on these technologies to respond to needs in new domains such as the sports, personal healthcare and medical markets.

Compact, energy saving and high-precision technologies

Epson's expertise and the source of its strength lie in technologies that save energy, time, and unnecessary labor. These technologies enable Epson to create products that are increasingly precise, accurate, and compact and, moreover, that have a reduced environmental footprint.

Mid range Business Policies


Epson's aim is to leverage its core Micro Piezo technology to develop products and design business models that closely meet the needs of customers in the home, office, in the commercial and industrial digital printing sectors, and in emerging markets. The ultimate aim is for everything to be printed by Epson.

Visual communications

Epson aims to change the way people communicate by leveraging its original microdisplay technology to generate new customer value in areas such as large-screen images, interactive functionality, and AR.

Quality of life

Epson aims to contribute to people's health, safety and peace of mind by using its original microdevice and sensing technologies to monitor vital body signs and the safety of buildings/ infrastructure, and by contributing to medical technology.

Manufacturing innovation

Epson aims to revolutionize manufacturing by using its compact, energy saving and high precision technologies to contribute to efficiency and introducing robots that free people from manual labor and advance factory automation.