Corporate History

History of Epson and CSR

Technical excellence, a desire to be a company trusted worldwide, and a spirit of creativity and challenge. These are what made Epson the company it is today. And behind all this has been Epson's firm commitment to the environment and the communities in which it does business. This commitment has led to a number of important milestones, including becoming the first company in the world to completely eliminate CFCs from all operations.

Month Year  
  1940s-1950s Introduces facility to thoroughly treat wastewater before release into Lake Suwa
  1960s Epson takes initiatives to assure occupational safety and health
  1970s-1980s Epson introduces closed system for hazardous substances in wastewater processing, establishes independent contamination/pollution standards that exceed legal and regulatory requirements, and introduces energy-and resource-saving equipment and facilities
Sep. 1983 Mizube Workshop (now a special subsidiary named Epson Mizube Corp.) is established to help provide employment to persons with disabilities
Dec. 1988 Epson makes "CFC-Free Declaration," and begins initiatives to eliminate CFCs by the end of FY1993
Jun. 1989 Epson Information Science Vocational School is established
Apr. 1990 Epson introduces caregiver leave program in Japan
Aug. 1990 Epson introduces new human resources rotation program and internal recruiting system in Japan
Aug. 1990 Epson introduces new human resources rotation program and internal recruiting system in Japan
Apr. 1991 Epson establishes childcare leave program in Japan
  1991 Epson begins providing psychological counseling to employees in Japan
Oct. 1992 Eliminates designated CFCs from all cleaning processes in domestic production (one year and five months ahead of schedule)
Apr. 1993 Epson introduces leave programs for rehabilitation of people with disabilities and for volunteer work
May 1993 Epson eliminates designated CFCs from its cleaning processes globally
Nov. 1993 Epson eliminates of 1,1,1-trichloroethane
Jan. 1995 Epson begins collecting and recycling used ink cartridges in Japan
Sep. 1997 Epson receives the Best-of-the-Best Stratospheric Ozone Protection Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency (winning both the Corporate Award and the Individual Award six years in a row from 1992)
Dec. 1997 Epson International Scholarship Foundation is established in Japan
Apr. 1998 Epson establishes General Environmental Policy as the Second Environmental Benchmark Year in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the First Environmental Benchmark Year
Mar. 1999 Epson Korea Junior Development Foundation is established
May 1999 Epson Iberia Foundation is established
Mar. 1999 Eliminates chlorinated organic solvents (trichloroethylene, methylene chloride, and tetrachloroethylene) from its manufacturing processes worldwide
Jun. 1999 Epson begins collecting and recycling used ink cartridges in Japan
Nov. 2000 Epson begins forestation program in Kalimantan, Indonesia
Nov. 2000 Epson begins participating in the Energy-Saving Patrol Team
Nov. 2000 Epson expands the collection of end-of-life Epson products from corporations throughout Japan
Apr. 2001 Epson enters into 15-Year contract to purchase wind power from Japan Natural Energy Co. Ltd.
May 2001 All major Epson manufacturing and non-manufacturing sites, in Japan and overseas, complete the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification
Nov. 2002 Epson introduces a "job challenge system" to help employees develop their careers
Mar. 2002 Zero Emissions Level 1 achieved at all 19 Seiko Epson sites in Japan
May 2002 Epson starts Kids' ISO Program
Feb. 2003 Epson Service Co. introduces "green" delivery packs at all sites
May 2003 Epson occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) certified by the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association (JISHA)
Aug. 2003 Epson realizes the semiconductor industry's first closed-loop recycling for hydrofluoric acid waste
Mar. 2004 Epson achieves Zero Emissions Level 1 at all business sites, including 12 manufacturing affiliates worldwide
Jun. 2004 Epson joins Bellmark Program with collection of used ink cartridges
Jul. 2004 Epson participates in the United Nations Global Compact
Jul. 2005 Epson completes introduction of E-Chem Chemical Data Management System throughout its manufacturing sites worldwide
Aug. 2005 Epson printer becomes the first printer manufactured outside the Chinese mainland to receive Energy Conservation Award in China
Dec. 2005 Epson Hong Kong Ltd. awarded the Hong Kong Green Label
Jul. 2006 Epson Korea Co., Ltd. wins energy conservation award
Dec. 2006 Epson adopts new global standard for environmentally conscious large format printer ink cartridge packages and switches to natural-color plastic for cartridges
Apr. 2007 Epson establishes paper product procurement policy
Jun. 2007 Epson certified as a company that is implementing policies that will benefit the next generation
Jun. 2007 Seiko Epson and Epson Sales Japan obtained FSC® COC certification, launched FSC certified paper
Jul. 2007 Epson Method Version 2 is announced
Apr. 2008 Six printer manufacturers, including Epson, launch the "Ink Cartridge Home Coming Project," a collaborative effort with Japan Post Holdings to collect used ink cartridges
Jun. 2008 Epson establishes "Environmental Vision 2050"
Sep. 2008 Epson establishes the environmental positioning statement, "Better Products for a Better Future."
Nov. 2008 Epson begins supporting the Jinguji 100-Year Forest Project
Mar. 2009 Epson scanner becomes the first scanner certified under Taiwanese "Green Mark" eco label program
Jun. 2009 Epson Sales Japan and Canon Marketing Japan team up on distribution to reduce CO2
Oct. 2009 Epson (China) Co., Ltd. receives "China Environmental Labeling Special Contribution Award" for outstanding companies
Dec. 2009 Epson begins using eco-labels conforming to the revised Epson ecology label system
Apr. 2010 Epson joins five other printer manufacturers in kicking off support for the United Nations Environment Program via joint used-ink cartridge collection effort
Apr. 2010 Epson launches a new program in which customers in Japan can earn points by participating in a used ink cartridge pick-up service
Dec. 2010 Epson launches Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol Team
Dec. 2011 Singapore Printer Brands Launch First-Ever Joint Recycling Initiative-Project Homecoming
Mar. 2012 Epson's In-House Facility Accredited as International ENERGY STAR® Program Testing Center

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