Sustainable Procurement

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Practicing CSR Throughout the Supply Chain

At Epson, we build strong relationships of mutual trust with suppliers by sharing our corporate social responsibility (CSR) values and goals with them, and by understanding and minimizing risks related to the environment, human rights, labor, and business ethics.

Since fiscal 2008, Epson, in an effort to improve the level of CSR in our supply chain, has been conducting detailed CSR evaluations of our suppliers. We report the results of evaluations to suppliers and, if necessary, request improvements. We also conduct on-site audits and other measures to verify the status of improvements.

In fiscal 2013 we asked 56 of our suppliers to evaluate their own CSR performance. These self-evaluations, which were given to suppliers who were considered low risk based on the results of the detailed CSR evaluations and to suppliers who had completed corrective actions, were used to check whether these suppliers have been maintaining a high level of performance.

Compliance Management

Exercising high ethical standards and a social conscience, Epson conducts procurement activities in strict compliance with both the letter and spirit of laws and regulations, both national and international, in every country and region around the world. Training and education is an important part of this commitment.

Epson Group companies in Japan train employees on the laws, regulations, and social norms of various countries and regions around the world to ensure that employees have the required expertise and awareness.

All employees in Japan are required to take the Introduction to Procurement and Subcontracting Law Fundamentals online training courses. Moreover, procurement personnel, including persons with procurement approval authority, must earn in-house certification by successfully completing a course in procurement and compliance management. In November 2012, we began holding manager procurement compliance training to improve knowledge and understanding of laws and regulations. This training course is mandatory for all managers with decision-making authority.

Epson will continue to provide regular training going forward to deepen compliance awareness and will strive to strengthen its internal processes to ensure the highest level of compliance possible.