Sustainable Procurement

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Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Guidelines

In the Procurement Guidelines that we provided in April 2005, we asked our suppliers to understand Epson Management Philosophy and the Epson Basic Procurement Policies and we laid out basic business conditions, procedure for supplier selection and periodic evaluation that included elements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Therein, the issues that supplier companies are encountering in the CSR were established as important elements.

The objectives of the Epson Procurement Guidelines shall be to continually provide products based on quality (Q), cost (C), delivery lead time (D), and that will reflect the expectations of the international community, while satisfying our society by promoting, together as partners with our suppliers, business activities that adhere to the prerequisites of CSR, such as human rights, labor, the environment, and ethics.

After thoroughly reviewing the existing guidelines, we created the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines (version 3.0), which prescribed to the Epson Supplier Code of Conduct conforming to the Electrical Industry Code of Conduct and CSR procurement initiatives that encompass the entire supply chain, and that require continuous improvement based on an evaluation of business activities with supplier companies and those results.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in achieving these goals. Please refer to the PDF file attached for the complete text of the procurement guidelines.