Sustainable Procurement

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Procurement Guidelines

Epson procures a wide variety of goods and services from other companies that enables it to provide products and services to its own customers. Consequently, to assure that we fulfill our corporate social responsibility, we believe it is essential for our suppliers to understand our management philosophy and to support our procurement activities accordingly.

In 2005, to give suppliers a better understanding of Epson's procurement activities and to enlist their support in promoting CSR, we established the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines. Then, in 2008, we established the Epson Supplier Code of Conduct, a document that is aligned with the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) Code of Conduct.

Epson Group Procurement Guidelines was created to enable us to sustain a continuous supply of products that please customers. Toward this end, the guidelines, reflecting international imperatives, state Epson's quality, cost, and delivery expectations, as well as our expectations for conducting business in line with CSR requirements in areas such as human rights, labor, the environment, ethics, and health and safety, and in partnership with our suppliers.

In April 2015, we issued Rev. 3.2 of the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines by reflecting the revision of the EICC Code of Conduct, and updating certain parts in line with the requirement in the Code for the usage of more concrete and detailed expressions.

To our suppliers


Procurement Guidelines

Epson is committed to conducting its business activities transparently, in a socially responsible manner, as "a progressive company, trusted throughout the world."

Our idea of a partnership is a relationship in which both Epson and its business partners throughout the supply chain exist side-by-side and share a common set of values that bind us together in a cooperative mission to fulfill our social responsibility.

To fulfill our social responsibility as a supply chain, we ask you, our valued suppliers, to understand the guidelines and give us your full cooperation.

A PDF file containing the full text of the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines is available below.