Sustainable Procurement

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Epson is committed to practicing sustainable procurement. We develop mutually beneficial trusting relationships with our business partners around the world based on the concepts of fairness, coexistence, transparency, and co-prosperity. In addition to providing quality products and services, we believe that part of our responsibility is to work with business partners to ensure that human rights, labor standards, and environmental preservation are being upheld across the supply chain. Business partners that we can trust are essential if we are to continue to provide customers with products and services that excel in every area, including quality, price, and environmental performance.

These partnerships are the roots that allow Epson to grow in harmony with the local and international communities.

Basic Procurement Policy

To Our Suppliers

As stated in our management philosophy, Epson believes that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is fundamental to our aim of remaining a progressive company, trusted throughout the world.

In order to provide its products and services, Epson procures various raw materials and services from outside the company. Therefore, it is essential that all our suppliers fully understand our corporate principles and support us in our efforts to meet the standards they set out.