Occupational Safety and Health

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Believing that healthy, energetic employees and a safe, secure, and clean environment are essential to corporate health, Epson carries out occupational safety and health programs at its sites around the world.

The core component of this effort is the New Epson Safety & Health Program (NESP), which was launched in fiscal 2000. Covering safety, health, and fire/disaster prevention, NESP is based on an occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) that conforms to International Labor Organization (ILO) guidelines. In 2011, Epson began instituting changes in the program so that instead of conducting activities from the Head Office in Japan, each Epson site is responsible for localizing NESP activities, adapting them to its own particular business, situation, and needs.

Eliminating Accidents

All Epson manufacturing sites around the globe have introduced NESP activities as the core component of their efforts to eliminate industrial equipment accidents and occupation injury accidents.

Initiatives at EPPI

Safety and health information
posted in Tagalog
manager course (U.K.)

Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc. (EPPI) has named its NESP adoption project the "EPPI Special Safety Project (ESSP)." They run the program locally and incorporate their own ideas. For example, safety and health information is posted in English and Tagalog so that it can easily be understood by all employees.

Initiatives at ETTH

In February 2012, the Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) awarded Epson Toyocom (Thailand) Ltd. (ETTH) the Diamond Prize at "Thailand 5S Awards 2011" in recognition of the quality of its 5S1 housekeeping program.

5S leader Nutchaya Surasri

Nutchaya Surasri, leader of ETTH's 5S housekeeping expert committee, says, "For us, 5S is like water; it's essential for sustaining operations. We are constantly improving our 5S program and aim to be Epson's No. 1 manufacturing site."

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Raising Safety Awareness with Safety Bulletins

Safety bulletin in Brazil

Epson issues safety bulletins for occupational accidents that occur at Epson sites around the world. The bulletins, which are posted on the intranet and on bulletin boards and which describe accidents, causes, and countermeasures, are used to help avoid similar accidents in the future.

Fire and Disaster Prevention

Epson is committed to being an accident-free workplace and contributing to community fire safety. The first step is to ensure that Epson Group is never the source of a fire or disaster. The company has organized independent fire brigades to help protect ourselves, our property and our jobs.

Fire brigade competition in Japan

August 31 is Epson Disaster Prevention Day. Each year on this day, Epson Group companies conduct fire and disaster drills. One of the drills is used to test our emergency communication systems, which we have in place to confirm employee safety and determine the extent of damage in the event of a wide-scale disaster.

Participation in Tianjin's "Fire Prevention Day"

TEL fire brigade demonstrationn

The fire brigade of Chinese affiliate Tianjin Epson Co., Ltd. (TEL), responding to an invitation from the local fire department, participated in Tianjin's "21st Fire Prevention Day" on November 9, where it demonstrated fire-fighting drills as a representative of local manufacturing companies. The order and discipline the fire brigade demonstrated met with high praises from citizens and members of the Tianjin fire department alike.