Fair Working Environment

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Zero Tolerance

Epson is serious about keeping all forms of discrimination and unfair practices out of its operations around the world. This stance is reflected in our participation in the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. In 2005 we documented policies that outline Epson's strong convictions in areas including respect for human rights, elimination of harassment, eradication of all forms of discrimination, respect for local culture and customs, prohibition of child and forced labor, and maintenance of positive labor relations.

There were 27 inquiries to our harassment hotline in 2011, and all were handled in the strictest confidence, in line with privacy protection laws. Additional services include a compliance hotline and other counseling services. Epson also strives to prevent fraud and other forms of legal misconduct in a number of ways, including through regular reporting to the Trust-Based Management Council and by posting reminders on the intranet bulletin board.

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Equal Gender Opportunity Initiatives

Seiko Epson was an early advocate of equal opportunity employment. We abolished gender-based remuneration in 1983, and the return-to-work rate for employees who have taken childcare leave is 95% (98% in 2011). In fact, women stay with Epson longer than men, on average (22.7 years for women versus 18.7 years for men).

Well-being leave program
Epson introduced a well-being leave program in March 1998 that allows employees who do not use all their annual paid vacation days during the year to stockpile the remainder, up to 60 days, in a separate account. They have the option of using well-being leave days in the event of personal injury or illness, or to care for children or family members, or to participate in school events for their children in elementary and middle school.

Monitoring and Controlling Working Hours

Epson remains fully compliant with labor laws. One of the ways we ensure compliance is by following an operations manual that Epson created to prevent excess overtime work. We have also deployed time management initiatives and monitoring systems across the organization. Epson has programs to build awareness among employees of the importance of regulating working hours appropriately and we are fully committed to maintaining a well-balanced working environment.

Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Seiko Epson, with one eye trained on the well-being and development of our children, provides an environment that allows employees to balance their careers with their personal lives so that they feel they can stay with the company.

We enforce an eight-hour workday at least once per week at our sites, and an increasing number of sites have a day each year when parents can bring their children to work. These and other initiatives have enabled Seiko Epson maintain certification as a company that is implementing policies that will benefit the next generation.

Next-generation accreditation
mark "Kurumin"

In April 2012 we began implementing an action plan for creating, by the end of the 2015 fiscal year, the best possible work environment for raising a family and achieving a good work-life balance.

Labor-Management Cooperation

Seiko Epson is a union shop whose employee union representatives work cooperatively with management. Joint committees are formed to discuss and finalize mutual resolutions to issues on a variety of topics, such as work systems, family support, and benefits and wages.