Employing Persons with Disabilities

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Epson employs a large number of persons with disabilities. In addition to providing restrooms, parking spaces, and other facilities for improved accessibility, we provide services, such as sign language interpretation for inhouse training and promotion interviews, to accommodate special needs. Epson also has two special subsidiaries, Epson Mizube Corporation and Epson Swan Ltd., that were set up to hire persons with disabilities. As such, these companies are especially well-equipped to meet special needs.

Eight employees of Epson Mizube, cheered on by friends and coworkers, showcased their vocational skills at the 2011 Abilympics held in Nagano, and all placed at or near the top of their events. This competition not only motivates people to sharpen their individual skills, it helps unite and energize the workplace.

2011 Nagano Abilympics medalists

Epson Mizube and Epson Swan strive to create a good working environment for everyone with barrier-free architecture, extra support staff, and many other measures. Employees are also encouraged to better themselves by pursuing qualifications. Our employees with Epson's Level 1 Soldering qualification are good enough to win a silver medal at the National Abilympics.

Types of Disabilities & Ratio of employees with disbilities