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Employing and Supporting Persons with Disabilities

Epson employs a large number of persons with disabilities. For this reason we accommodate special needs in a variety of ways. For example, we provide easy-access restrooms, parking spaces, and other facilities. We also provide services such as sign language interpretation for in-house training and interviews, and special shortened working hours for dialysis treatment. Two special subsidiaries, Epson Mizube Corp. and Epson Swan, Ltd., have made special provisions to accommodate employees with disabilities and allow them to make the most of their abilities. These companies are now expanding job opportunities for disabled employees.

Employees with Disabilities (Japan)

Types of  Disabilities (Japan)

Epson Mizube Corporation engages in a variety of work. It performs soldering, produces e-documents from hardcopies, handles print jobs, and cleans and recycles jigs. It also plays a part in the Ink Cartridge Homecoming Project, a joint ink cartridge recycling program between Epson, the Japanese Postal Service, and five other printer manufacturers, by sorting used cartridges collected throughout Japan. Epson Mizube began a building cleaning service in 2008. It added four new sites in 2013 and, as for April 2014, was providing cleaning services to seven Epson sites, with a crew of 40. The cleaning crews contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere for all by keeping the facilities clean and by meeting others with a cheerful greeting.

Board assembly

Sorting of used ink cartridg

Building cleaning

Taking Part in the Abilympics

Gold medal winner Shoichi Yokouchi (left)
and bronze medal winner Chie Fujimori (right)

Many of Epson's employees with disabilities have outstanding skills that they can use on the job to contribute to the company. Chie Fujimori, who missed out on a prize at the 2012 Abilympics, channeled her disappointment into an effort that catapulted her to a bronze medal in the electronic assembly and testing event. Shoichi Yokouchi, who came home with a silver medal in 2012, resolved to take home the gold in 2013. "I want people to know that even someone like me, if he or she works hard, can reach the top. And I want them to challenge themselves." His relentless practice paid off: He came home with a gold medal. Both Ms. Fujimori and Mr. Yokouchi remain passionate and have set their sights higher. For them, the next stop is the World Abilympics.

Epson Mizube Recognized as a Good Company in the Hiring of Persons with Disabilities

National Award Ceremony

In September 2013, Epson Mizube was presented with the Health, Labor and Welfare Minister's Award, the top Japanese honor bestowed to companies with a good record of employing persons with disabilities, in recognition of Epson Mizube's contributions over the years to hiring and stable employment of persons with disabilities. This follows the previous year's feat, when Epson Mizube garnered the President's Award from the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers. Hiroshi Uruga, head1. of Epson Mizube Corporation, said, "The award is the result of our employees working hard, day in and day out. We could not have done it without a lot of support. I'm happy about award but I also feel a strong responsibility to continue to be worthy of it. My aim is for this company to fully meet the expectations of society."

1 Mr. Uruga stepped down in June 2014.