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Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Epson employs a large number of persons with disabilities. We accommodate special needs by providing easy-access restrooms, parking spaces, and other facilities. We also provide services such as sign language interpretation for in-house training and interviews, and special shortened working hours for dialysis treatment. Two special subsidiaries, Epson Mizube Corp. and Epson Swan, Ltd., provide a working environment that meets the needs of persons with disabilities so they can fully use their skills.

One of the many jobs handled by Epson Mizube is part of the "Ink Cartridge Home Coming Project," a collaborative effort between six printer manufacturers in Japan and Japan Post Co., Ltd. Epson Mizube receives used print cartridges collected throughout Japan, divides them by manufacturer, weighs and counts them, and sends them to the manufacturer along with a report.

Ratio of Employees with Disabilities (Japan)

Types of  Disabilities (Japan)

Taking Part in the Abilympics

Some of Epson's employees with disabilities have amazing skills that are invaluable to the company. Masashi Mukaiyama of Epson Mizube Corp. is one of those employees. Mukaiyama said, "My usual job involves soldering, so I decided to compete in the Abilympics in order to improve my technique and the quality of my work. Through training and perseverance, I was able to win a gold medal in electronic circuit connections. Having a strong team and the support of my co-workers really helped during the competition."

Abilympic athletes from Epson Mizube Corp.Abilympic athletes from Epson Mizube Corp.

Masashi Mukaiyama demonstrates his
skills in the competitionMasashi Mukaiyama demonstrates his
skills in the competition

Two Awards at National Award Ceremony for Employers of Persons with Disabilities

Epson Mizube Corp. has long promoted and contributed to the stable employment of persons with disabilities. In recognition of these efforts, the Japan Organization for Employment of the Elderly, Persons with Disabilities and Job Seekers presented Epson Mizube with a President's Award. Epson Mizube general manager Hiroshi Uruga commented, "This is all due to the hard work and cooperation of our employees. I would like us to work together even more as we set our sights on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Minister's Award."

Mizube employee Chie Fujimori received yet another President's Award for a photo she took for the National Disability Employment Awareness Month poster contest. The photo, which showed her coworker hard at work, was selected and is on display throughout Japan.

National Award CeremonyNational Award Ceremony

Chie Fujimori and her winning photo-graphChie Fujimori and her winning photo-graph