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Diversity Policy

Respect for diversity is a cornerstone of Epson's Management Philosophy, and the company's personnel policies reflect this.

Diversity is the inclusion of individuals of different genders, national origins, cultures, religions, backgrounds, and so forth, regardless of whether these traits are innate or acquired, visible or invisible.

Epson's true customers are end-users the world over. To enrich their lives, we have to understand them and meet their needs. That is why we need more diversity within Epson itself. We believe that only with a richly diverse workforce of people who have respect for one another and who know and practice what is important can we create customer value. Epson will thus pursue even greater diversity in order to produce outcomes that surprise and delight our customers.

Global Talent

Epson has sites around the world to accurately identify and swiftly and flexibly meet the changing needs of customers at different times and in different regions. The Epson Group currently employs about 70,000 people.

Epson is vertically integrated, which means we have control over the "create, produce, and sell" value chain. A high-performing, diverse workforce is essential for achieving vertical integration, making it vital for our operations divisions in Japan and Epson Group companies overseas to be on the same page in terms of business vision and policies. That is why we have a variety of international programs to promote communication and interaction among people at various levels within our operations divisions, Head Office, and other internal organizations.

Locations of sites outside Japan:


Employee Numbers by Region(as of March 31,2016)

Examples of Our Initiatives

Sending Young Staff Members Overseas

Epson actively sends young staff members from Japan to Epson's overseas sites for professional development as part of its trainee program.

Number of Employees Assigned to Overseas Training Programs

Employees Sent to Japan for Training

Seiko Epson also enthusiastically receives trainees in Japan from its overseas sites.

On the right, technical trainees from the Philippines are using a microscope to examine a mold for making parts

Employees sent to Japan for training

Global Meetings

Epson holds a variety of meetings and seminars for representatives from our global sites.

Some are function specific, for areas such as legal affairs, finance and accounting, safety, and the environment. Others are for global projects involving matters such as IT systems and the adoption of IFRS. Still others, such as sales meetings, are held to discuss a range of topics and to share information and opinions globally.

Global meetings

Employing and Supporting Persons with Disabilities

Epson employs a large number of persons with disabilities. For this reason we accommodate special needs in a variety of ways. For example, we provide easy-access restrooms, parking spaces, and other facilities. We also provide services such as sign language interpretation for in-house training and interviews, and special shortened working hours for dialysis treatment. Two special subsidiaries in Japan, Epson Mizube Corp. and Epson Swan, Ltd., have made special provisions to accommodate employees with disabilities and allow them to make the most of their abilities, and they are now expanding job opportunities for disabled employees.

Employees with Disabilities(Japan)
Type of Disability(Japan)

Epson Mizube Corporation was founded in 1983 as a special subsidiary of Seiko Epson. It began with a workforce of 15 people, 11 of whom had disabilities, and has expanded steadily since then.

Epson Mizube's wide range of services include assembly, inspection, cleaning, and packaging of various electronic and precision devices; printing, copying, and bookbinding; catalog mailing; document digitization; dust suit cleaning; building cleaning; and sorting and dismantling used ink cartridges. The company employs 122 persons with disabilities at nine sites (as of the end of March 2016).

Epson Mizube began a building cleaning service in 2008. As of March 2016, it was providing cleaning services to seven Epson sites, with a crew of 47. The cleaning crews contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere for all by keeping the facilities clean and by cheerfully greeting other employees.

Board assembly
Sorting used ink cartridges
Building cleaning

Epson Swan, Ltd. started operating in March 2002, when it was established as a special subsidiary of Tohoku Epson Corporation. It was the first certified special subsidiary in Yamagata Prefecture, and is now a special subsidiary of Seiko Epson.

Based within Tohoku Epson, its 16 employees with disabilities (as of April 1, 2016) clean dust suits and provide in-house building cleaning services.

Epson Swan publishes the magazine "Smile" four times a year to promote communication within and beyond Epson. The magazine, available on our internal website and in print form, is packed with all types of information. A total of 26 issues have been released, counting the edition published in March 2016.

Cover of Smile

Epson Mizube Employee Wins Prize for Poster

In September 2015, Epson Mizube employee Shoichi Yokouchi won a prize in a poster contest sponsored by the Japanese Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry. The photo he submitted of his co-workers inspecting a circuit board was used for posters during a special month dedicated to promoting employment of persons with disabilities. The photo earned high marks for its depiction of such people performing a high-level task. Posters featuring his photo were hung around Japan during the month.

Prize winner Shoichi Yokouchi
and his work "Inspection with
sound and light"

Selecting Senior Executives

Epson identifies the roles and requirements for key posts within the Group, prepares succession plans, and selects the best people for these positions, without regard to consideration such as age, gender, and nationality. A system is in place for working with management to select the best people for key posts that open up.

Epson Group companies outside Japan identify certain ranks at which they look for candidates to fill future top-level management positions. They then compile basic information about everyone at those ranks. Seiko Epson consults with Epson Group companies to identify the top talent among these candidates, gathers information about their management and other capabilities via 360-degree evaluations, and explores future career paths and development plans for them.

As a result of these initiatives, Epson now has home-grown talent in leadership positions at its overseas affiliates. The CEO of Epson's regional head office in the US is an American who owns responsibility for all administrative and business operations at Epson companies in North, Central, and South America. In Europe, all local affiliates controlled by the regional head office are headed by locals. In addition, a number of Epson sales and manufacturing affiliates around the globe have recruited or promoted locals to run their operations.

Workforce Composition and Service Period

Workforce Compositio
Length of Employment