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Employing and Supporting Persons with Disabilities

Epson employs a large number of persons with disabilities. For this reason we accommodate special needs in a variety of ways. For example, we provide easy-access restrooms, parking spaces, and other facilities. We also provide services such as sign language interpretation for in-house training and interviews, and special shortened working hours for dialysis treatment. Two special subsidiaries in Japan, Epson Mizube Corp. and Epson Swan, Ltd., have made special provisions to accommodate employees with disabilities and allow them to make the most of their abilities. These companies are now expanding job opportunities for disabled employees.

Employees with Disabilities (Japan)

Types of  Disabilities (Japan)

Epson Mizube Corporation celebrated its 30th anniversary in February 2014. Founded as a special subsidiary of Seiko Epson in 1984, its business has expanded steadily since then.

Epson Mizube's wide range of services include assembly, inspection, cleaning, and packaging of various electronic and precision devices; printing, copying, and bookbinding; catalog mailing; document digitization; dust suit cleaning; building cleaning; and sorting and dismantling used ink cartridges. The company employs 108 persons with disabilities at nine sites (March 1, 2015).

Epson Mizube began a building cleaning service in 2008. As for March 2015, it was providing cleaning services to seven Epson sites, with a crew of 40. The cleaning crews contribute to a pleasant working atmosphere for all by keeping the facilities clean and by meeting others with a cheerful greeting.

Board assembly

Sorting used ink cartridges

Building cleaning

Epson Swan, Ltd. started operating in March 2002, when it was established as a special subsidiary of Tohoku Epson Corporation in Japan. It was the first certified special subsidiary in Yamagata Prefecture. It is presently a special subsidiary of Seiko Epson.

The cover of Smile,
issue 22.

Based in the second floor of Energy Building 3 of Tohoku Epson, its 14 employees with disabilities (as of March 1, 2015) clean dust suits and provide building cleaning services within Tohoku Epson.

Epson Swan publishes the magazine "Smile" four times a year to promote communication within and beyond Epson. The magazine, available on our internal website and in print form, is packed with all types of information. A total of 22 issues have been released, counting the most recent published on March 3, 2015.

Taking Part in the Abilympics

Bronze medal winner
Shoichi Yokouchi

Many of Epson's employees with disabilities have outstanding skills that they can use on the job to contribute to the company. One such employee, Shoichi Yokouchi, won the gold medal in the electronic circuitry connecting category at the 2013 Abilympics. In 2014, he entered the electronic device assembly competition for the first time and took the bronze medal. Yokouchi looks forward to competing again. He says, "Electronic device assembly was a new event, so I learned a lot of things during the 2014 event and realized I had plenty of room for improvement. I plan to keep stepping up my game a little bit at a time."