"Monozukuri - Juku"

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Hands-on Training at the Monozukuri-Juku

Epson's Monozukuri-Juku is an in-house manufacturing school where we develop personnel by teaching them essential manufacturing skills and know-how.

Within the Monozukuri-Juku is the Manufacturing Skills Dojo, where select new employees undergo intensive training to become top-flight manufacturing technicians in a short period of time. Many of these trainees compete in the National and International Technical Skills Olympics. The training for the Technical Skills Olympics develops people mentally, physically, and technically. Trainees exercise creativity and challenge themselves in preparation for the national competition.

Epson employees won gold, silver, and bronze medals at the 2011 National Technical Skills Olympics.

Departments that take the young men and women who complete training for the Technical Skills Olympics often praise their skills,motivated approach, and ability to make an immediate impact, proof that training enables them to quickly understand and perform tasks that are required. They use their skills, discipline, mental strength, and attitude to improve the workplace.

Monozukuri JukuMedalists at the 2011 National Technical Skills Olympics

Instructor and traineeYoichi Nakagomi studies device control