Human Development

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HR Development and Training

Approach to HR Development

Regarding our employees as assets on loan from society and as the driving force behind the realization of our management philosophy, we maintain an organization that encourages self-reliance and personal growth, and that enables people to make the most of their unique competencies. Human development is the key to our success as a product manufacturer.

Epson develops and trains its human resources in line with a Human Resources Development Policy established in 1996. The policy states that Epson will " employees who have aspirations for self-actualization, connect all the companies in the Epson Group with people, and nurture employees so that both corporate and individual objectives are met."

We provide training so that our people understand their roles and what is expected of them as members of the Epson team. Training enables them to work and communicate effectively, solve problems, and experience personal and professional growth.

Supporting HR Development with Off-JT

Epson uses human development to support the achievement of the SE15 vision in line with its Human Resources Development Policy. This allows each and every employee to understand their role and what is expected of them as a member of the Epson team, and to grow as they tackle the issues they face in their job. We run training programs designed to improve the quality of team communication and to boost problem-solving skills so that every employee can fulfill their expected role.

Basic Policy on Off-JT

  • All employees: Fulfill your required role in the team, and use self-study to make up for any shortcomings in your competencies and skills.
  • Managers: Convey team expectations to all members and strive to create an environment conducive to leaning in all situations.

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New Personnel System for Middle Management

Epson aspires to continuously create customer value that exceeds customer expectations as an indispensable company for society. To create and maximize customer value, we have established a strategic game plan that puts organizations, teams, and individuals in a position to capitalize on their abilities and fulfill their assigned roles.The fulfillment of these roles should provide both employees and the company with opportunities to grow, and the contribution of individuals to the execution of the business strategy should be fairly and impartially evaluated and rewarded. Seiko Epson will install a new personnel system for middle management at the start of the 2012 fiscal year to achieve these objectives.

Course in Management Practice

The new personnel system for middle management is intended to ensure that (1) managers correctly understand the strategic business objectives and are able to rapidly and nimbly respond to internal and external changes in the business environment; and (2) managers are able to support the growth and development of the people who report to them by putting organizations and individuals in a position to succeed.

In January 2012, before the start of the new personnel system, we began offering a course in management practices. The course is designed to teach aspiring managers the roles and responsibilities of managers, and to provide them with the knowledge and skills they will need to be an effective manager. The course is also structured so as to give participants an opportunity to practice in the workplace what they learned in the course.

General Concept of New Personnel System for Middle Management

Overseas Management Training

Since 2007 Epson has been providing standard Epson management training to personnel at our overseas affiliates, especially in Southeast Asia, to help ensure that the "create, produce, and deliver" value chain operates smoothly around the world. As of the end of March 2012, a total of 567 people had completed training. Although training was initially designed for personnel already holding management posts, we expanded the scope of eligibility a few years ago to include management candidates.

Management Training in MalaysiaManagement Training in Malaysia

Training covers subjects such as Epson values, the role of management, and the concrete implementation of Epson Group policies. It is designed to transform the way local employees think and act and to establish a standard Epson-style management platform to further strengthen cooperation among organizations.

In addition, we held a Global Incubation Seminar in February 2012 for 23 members of middle management at our overseas affiliates. We have been holding this seminar every year since 1999 to develop future business leaders and spread and ingrain Epson's Management Philosophy.

Training for New Employees in Japan

The first year of employment at Seiko Epson is considered a training period during which new employees learn about the Epson approach to work. For the first two weeks after joining the company, new employees participate in an orientation program where they learn about Epson and the fundamentals of business, including things such as company systems and processes, how to read financial statements, personnel systems, the Epson Code of Conduct, and Epson values.

New-hires cutting metal with hacksaws
New-hires cutting metal with hacksaws

They then move on to two weeks of hands-on training in manufacturing. Here they learn the Epson approach to work by, for example, disassembling and reassembling printers and watches, performing tasks with metal files and hacksaws, studying about production control, and touring our production plants.

OJT as the Basis of HR Development

Group training is only one part of the training program. Epson's human resource development is grounded in on-the-job training (OJT). After placement in a workplace, every new employee is assigned a development leader who works with the manager to create a one-year development plan. When necessary, OJT is augmented with a combination of special training, on-hands manufacturing practice, sales training, and other kinds of training. Development leaders are selected from second and third year employees so they can improve themselves in the course of guiding the younger employees. Epson considers human resource development to be one of the key duties of workplace managers and development leaders, and places emphasis on practical training in the workplace that lets employees accomplish their jobs quickly, correctly, and with ease.

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