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Declaring a commitment to protecting people, assets, and information in Principles of Corporate Behavior, Epson takes steps to ensure personal security, the security of corporate assets, and the utmost prudence in the handling of information. Epson recognizes the importance of good security practices. Accordingly, we establish and maintain systems to ensure the on-site safety and security of personnel and visitors, carefully control all assets, respect the property of others, and take strict precautions to safeguard personal data and confidential information.

Information Security

Information Security Organization

Epson has set forth the basic information security principles and requirements in the Epson Group Basic Information Security Policy. Group personnel recognize the importance of information security, and this is reflected in Epson's information security governance and corporate culture.

At Epson, each business unit builds and maintains its own information security system based on group-wide standards. Internal audits ensure that the systems and controls at each business unit are evaluated and that information security-related risk management is effective. Senior information security managers from the business units gather to discuss initiatives across the organization and to track progress.

Basic Information Security Policy

Information security training (Philippines)

Epson also acquires ISMS (information security management system) certification, which complies with ISO 27001, to ensure continuous improvement of its information security management organization. Currently, Seiko Epson's Business Systems Operations Division, IT Division, and Epson Sales Japan have all been certified and manage information security accordingly.

Epson Group companies in Japan implement a number of awareness-raising initiatives in July, which is designated as Information Security Enhancement Month. The slogan for Information Security Enhancement Month in 2014 was "Sustain. Prevent. Defend." We used this month to remind executives and employees about the importance of information security. Employees and managers learn about information security through online training courses and training programs for managers. Epson obligates the online training program to all employees and executives.

Information security activities are also being developed at Epson Group companies overseas. In the 2014 fiscal year information security training and support was provided to Epson Group companies in Southeast Asia and China continuously last year.

Protection of Personal Data

Epson has sought to strengthen the protection of personal data belonging to customers and employees ever since the Personal Information Protection Act was enacted in Japan, in 2005. Epson also conducts internal audits to verify that personal data is properly managed.

Finally, both Epson Sales Japan and Epson Direct continue to update their PrivacyMark certifications every two years and operate in accordance with the program.

Intellectual Property Protection

Epson protects the rights to its creative technologies so as to support the smooth and ongoing development of its existing businesses and the development and growth of new businesses. These actions ensure that its IP portfolio contributes to corporate earnings. Epson also respect the rights of third parties and implements measures to prevent infringement of those rights.

Award winners at the Kanto Region
Commendation for Invention

In 2015, Epson ranked sixth in Japan and 16th in the U.S. for number of patents granted. In addition, the EP-805 series (released in Japan in 2012), inkjet printers designed to provide greater installation freedom to our customers, have an approximately 38% smaller footprint and 40% smaller cubic volume compared to their predecessor, the EP-804 series. In November 2015, Epson received the Nagano Prefecture Governor's Award at the Kanto Region Invention Commendations for a patent for reducing printer size. Epson received the award in recognition of its contributions to the advancement of science and technology and to the development of industry.

Epson Named Among Top 100 Global Innovators for Five Consecutive Years

In November 2015, international information services company Thomson Reuters recognized Seiko Epson for the fifth consecutive year as a "Top 100 Global Innovator" for its efforts in the area of global intellectual property protection. The award ceremony was held at Epson’s Hirooka Office in February 2016.

The program identifies the most innovative enterprises and organizations in the world through a series of patent-based metrics including the number of patent applications, success rate, globalization, and influence. Forty companies, including 15 Japanese companies, were named as innovators for five consecutive years. At the award ceremony, Hirofumi Hino of Thomson Reuters said, "It is wonderful for Epson to be elected world's top 100 innovators. The award is a tribute to people involved in development and intellectual property. I expect you to continue to lead the industry." Toshiya Takahata, Executive Officer of Seiko Epson and general administrative manager of its Intellectual Property Division, said, "I am grateful for the award. It is a testament to the teamwork we have between our development and intellectual property functions. "

Commemorative trophy

Toshiya Takahata, receiving a trophy
from Hirofumi Hino (left)

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