Organizational Governance

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Initiatives of Internal Control

International Trade Initiatives

Epson is a multinational corporation with production centers, sales centers, customers, and business partners around the world. Smooth international trade operations are essential if we are to deliver Epson products and services to customers in a timely manner.

Meanwhile, we must observe numerous conventions and frameworks governing international trade that have been put in place to maintain international peace and security.

To maintain compliance with these and to ensure smooth trade, Epson has established comprehensive systems and processes that have enabled Epson companies to earn certification from the relevant authorities in Japan and abroad for compliance with the international trade programs. (See the table below.)


Approval certificate for Authorized
Importers' Program

In January 2013, Seiko Epson was certified under the Authorized Importers' Program run by Tokyo Customs. This program gives preferential customs treatment to authorized importers with high levels of compliance and cargo security. By filing a special import declaration, importers are able to import goods more quickly with fewer inspections and can file import declarations and receive authorization before the goods actually arrive in Japan. This program is beneficial to supply chain management because it ensures a stable lead time for customs processing.

Compliance Program

Epson has a multi-component program for maintaining compliance.

In addition to a training course that presents employees with a broad overview of essential legal issues, we also provide compliance training that focuses on certain targeted subjects, such as copyright laws and antitrust laws. Compliance issues are also built into the training curriculums for new employees, persons recently promoted to senior staff positions, and managers.

For the executive management team we brought in an outside expert to give a seminar on antitrust issues. Overseas affiliates have their own local compliance rules and compliance training programs.

Case:"Legal Quarterly" at ECC

Legal Quarterly in Chinese

The legal department at Epson (China) Co., Ltd (ECC) has been publishing a newsletter called "Legal Quarterly" since October 2011. This newsletter summarizes legal news affecting ECC and explains actions that need to be taken. The newsletter is designed to mitigate legal risks by increasing employee awareness of laws and their sensitivity toward risk and uncertainty in day-to-day operations. ECC publishes the newsletter in both Chinese and Japanese to ensure that Japanese employees working in China and related departments in Japan are up to speed on the latest legal developments, helping build awareness of compliance issues throughout the Epson Group.