Realizing Our Management Philosophy

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Programs to Instill the Management Philosophy

CSR Month

October is CSR Month at Seiko Epson, a time for reflecting on the kind of conduct for realizing the Management Philosophy. The theme for 2012 was "Wedding your work to the Management Philosophy and practicing conduct that earns trust." During the month, all personnel throughout the Epson Group in Japan were instructed to (1) analyze the Management Philosophy and identify concrete actions that embody it; and (2) discuss risks within the places based on the reading of the Epson Code of Conduct.

A survey was conducted after CSR Month ended to determine the extent to which these activities were carried out, the degree to which the Management Philosophy is understood, the nature of actions taken on the workplace level, and the content of discussions. The survey was also used to find out about any compliance concerns and gather opinions and suggestions about the activities. The results were shared with employees. The survey showed a participation rate exceeding 90%. For a large majority of employees the events served as a meaningful reminder of the importance of the Management Philosophy.

Instilling the Management Philosophy in Greater China

In 2012 training seminars were held as part of a program to instill knowledge and awareness of the Management Philosophy using the pamphlet "Interpreting the Management Philosophy," with most of the participants for sales companies in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. A total of 629 employees participated in the seminars, from Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (ECC), Epson (Beijing) Technology Service Co., Ltd. (EBTS), Epson Hong Kong Ltd. (EHK), and Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT).

At the seminars, ECC President Kiyofumi Koike explained why we need to study the Management Philosophy at this point in time, and each department and individual created and announced a declaration of conduct based on the Management Philosophy. As a team building exercise, the participants broke up into teams and created their own logos and slogans for putting the declarations into practice, later presenting them to the group.

Epson also offers an online course in the Management Philosophy to help employees see the links between the Management Philosophy and their own jobs.

Discussing the team's declaration

Creating a logo and slogan