Realizing Our Management Philosophy

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Realizing Our Management Philosophy

Kenji Kubota
Senior Managing Director

Epson aims to be an indispensable company for customers and society by realizing our Management Philosophy. To do so we must earn the trust of our stakeholders, most notably our customers, and contribute to the betterment of society. As a member of society, we seek to fulfill our roles and responsibilities as a corporation citizen to build a healthy society. We pledge in our Management Philosophy to be a "progressive company" that contributes to the wellbeing and advancement of society, so actions to realize the Management Philosophy are themselves CSR activities.

Solid corporate governance and ethical conduct are essential for achieving the Updated SE15 Mid-Range Business Plan and, by extension, Epson's Management Philosophy. As part of our governance efforts, we began in 2010 to better define the respective roles and functions of the Head Office, operations divisions, and Group companies in an effort to strengthen group governance. In 2012 we further solidified the integrity of corporate governance by appointing an outside director. Then, in March of 2013, we established an internal Compliance Office to further enhance compliance and risk management. The Compliance Office's mission is to build and maintain stakeholder trust by reminding executives and employees of their legal and ethical obligations and forestalling potential violations.

Meanwhile, the conduct of executives and employees must conform to legal, ethical, and societal requirements and be aligned with the Management Philosophy. For this reason we have implemented ongoing programs to educate executives and employees about compliance issues. For example, in 2011, we created a pamphlet titled "Interpreting the Management Philosophy." Distributed to Epson personnel worldwide, the pamphlet serves to build understanding of the Management Philosophy, to get individuals to think about what kind of customer value their work yields, and to guide them toward action that adds value.

The pursuit of the Management Philosophy has no end. That is because customer and societal expectations not only differ by region but also continuously change over time. We remain committed to making Epson an indispensable company for all of our customers and other stakeholders through sincere and unstinting efforts to contribute to the well-being of society.

Programs to Instill the Management Philosophy