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First Scanner Certified with Taiwanese "Green Mark" Eco Label


The Epson GT-2500 business scanner, sold by Epson-affiliated sales company Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT), has become the first unit in its category to be certified with the Green Mark eco label.

The Green Mark, similar to Japan's Eco Mark, is a Type I (third-party certification) eco label established in 1992 by the Environment and Development Foundation (EDF) and commissioned by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of Taiwan. Taiwan's policy on green procurement calls for at least 88% of eligible products procured by government agencies to be Green Mark certified.

The certification criteria for scanners include individual requirements such as low-power design, plastic components free of specified harmful substances like lead and cadmium, easily recyclable design and recycled packaging, as well as other Green Mark-specific requirements such as a factory inspection at the time of application and once every two years thereafter. Official evidence of factory compliance with environmental legislation is also required.

Details of certification

  • Applied Standard: Type I Product
  • Category: Computer equipment
  • Criteria: Scanners (No. 88)
  • Approval No.: 4485
  • Approval Date: February 19, 2009
  • Expiry Date: February 18, 2011

ETT has actively pursued Green Mark certification in the inkjet printer, large-format inkjet printer, laser printer, multifunction laser printer, dot-impact printer, toner cartridge and projector categories and released information on its efforts.

Using this inaugural certification of a scanner as a springboard, ETT will further increase efforts to proactively obtain the Green Mark label.