Epson and the Environment


Low-power GPS solar watch

The 8X series is the second generation of Astron GPS solar watches, the world's first watches capable of quickly pinpointing your position and capturing the local time anywhere on Earth. They sport a new chronograph (stopwatch function) and dual-time display yet are about 30% smaller*1 than the first-generation 7X series and are about 40% more energy efficient.

*1 Compared to the watch head (case) of the models in the 7X series, which were released in 2012.

Seiko Astron SBXB003 * This product is sold by Seiko Watch Corporation.

Equipped with a newly developed GPS module and miniature ring antenna

Epson developed a new GPS module for small, accurate, low-power solar watches and combined it with a small yet acutely sensitive ring-shaped antenna that captures even weak GPS satellite signals so that it can automatically correct the time anywhere in the world.

Newly developed GPS module

The ultra-low power new GPS module consumes about 50% less power than the 7X series yet offers even better sensitivity.

Compact antenna with a new design

This high-sensitivity ring sensor is about 2.5 mm smaller in diameter than the 7X series.

Thinner watch head

With a diameter of 20.0 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm, the rechargeable battery used in the 7X series was overlaid on the movement, but the dramatically improved energy efficiency of the new GPS chip enabled us to reduce the size of the rechargeable battery used in the 8X series and incorporate it inside the movement.

In addition, the 8X series has one circuit board instead of two because the board components were mounted on both sides of the board. This enabled us to reduce the thickness of the watch head by 3.5 mm.

Realization of a stable power supply

Since about 10,000 times more current is consumed when receiving GPS signals than when simply keeping time, we developed a new radio wave reception algorithm, lithium-ion battery, and a low-power charge control circuit that controls the charging and discharging of the battery to dramatically reduce power consumption.

  • The development of new core components, including the GPS module, power supply system, and antenna, enabled Epson to reduce the size and increase the energy efficiency of the 8X series compared to the 7X series.
  • Solar panel eliminates need for battery replacement or external charger.

GPS solar watch Seiko Astron can be found here.