Epson and the Environment


Environmental Risk Management

Any environmental pollution resulting from Epson's business activities could have a serious impact on residents of the surrounding area, as well as for the rest of the region or country. We follow Group-wide standards for pollution control and ensure that all members are well acquainted with the ideas and laws of environmental risk management. Each promotion unit uses ISO 14001 to identify and assess the risk of failing to meet standards or of experiencing environmental complaints or incidents in an ongoing effort to continuously mitigate those risks.

Epson did not exceed any environmental legal limits in the 2015 fiscal year, nor did it receive any environmental complaints or have any environmental accidents. Epson was not subjected to fines or other penalties.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Epson is pumping and treating groundwater contaminated by chlorinated organic solvents at several sites in Japan, including at its Head Office. In addition, we have barriers in place to prevent further contamination. In addition, treated wastewater discharged into sewers is monitored to ensure that it remains within 1/1000th of the discharge standard (0.1 mg/liter).

Site Groundwater Data and Remediation Methods

Groundwater trichloroethylene concentration trend (annual average in wells with highest concentration at each site)


Site FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 Remediation
Head Office 34 10 15 Barrier, pump and treat, monitoring
Shiojiri 0.25 0.26 0.22 Barrier, pump and treat, monitoring
Fujimi 0.048 0.057 0.043 Barrier, pump and treat, monitoring
Suwa-Minami 0.075 0.087 0.050 Barrier, pump and treat, monitoring

Reference: Trichloroethylene standards
- Environmental quality standard for groundwater under Japan's Basic Environmental Law: 0.01 mg/L max.
- Groundwater remediation standard under Japan's Water Quality Pollution Control Act: 0.01 mg/L max.
- Groundwater standard under Japan's Soil Contamination Countermeasures Law: 0.01 mg/L max.

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