The Epson Method

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The Epson Method is a simple method developed by Epson for measuring PFC usage.

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PFC gas has, until now, been considered to be one of the most difficult to measure of the non-CO2 greenhouse gases. In 2000 Epson developed the "Epson Method," a simple and accurate way to calculate PFC emissions based on FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy). Epson has used the Epson Method to determine and sharply reduce the level of PFC emissions through a variety of improvement efforts.

The Epson Method is patented. However, Epson grants a free license to use the technology under certain conditions, in the hopes of helping other companies reduce PFC gas emissions. The Epson Method guidelines were updated in July of 2007. Version 2.0 offers new technical information on measurement techniques, as well as the treatment of intellectual property.

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