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Efforts for Special Printer Paper

During these past several years, the importance of forest conservation has become widely recognized. But at the same time, illegal logging has become a more serious problem; thus, efforts aimed at securing sustainability in the procurement of wood products have intensified internationally. The EUTR (EU Timber Regulation) was implemented in March 2013. Since then, the illegal logging, wood and wood products have been prohibited to import into the EU market. With regard to paper products, which are wood products, Epson ensures the compliance with the regulation and engages in procurement and selling practices that take into consideration forest sustainability from social, economic, and environmental perspectives.

Paper products procurement policy

Epson has been conducting procurement whose conformity to "Epson Group Paper Products Procurement Policy (established in April 2007)" can be checked.

<Epson Group Paper Products Procurement Policy>

  1. Effective use of used paper and other recycled pulp
  2. If virgin pulp is used as a raw material, procurement should confirm the following:
    • Legality
    • Sustainability
    • Chemical safety
    • Environmental management

Details on the Epson Group's paper products procurement policy and procurement standards can be found here.

FSC®-certified photo matte paper

Seiko Epson and Epson Sales Japan obtained Chain of Custody (COC) certification from the Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC) in March 2007. Starting in August of the same year, initial sales of FSC-certified inkjet photo matte paper for inkjet printers were launched in Japan.FSC certification is a system through which third parties certify that forests are appropriately managed and whether wood cut from such forests is used in production, processing, and distribution. It consists of "Forest Management (FM) certification," which certifies the management of the forests themselves, and is intended for forest managers; and "Chain of Custody (COC) certification," which certifies that products from uncertified forests are not included in production, distribution, and working processes, and is intended for paper manufacturing companies and sales companies.

COC Certification registration code

  Certificate registration code Issue date
Seiko Epson Corporation SA-COC-001653 12th March 2007
Epson Sales Japan SA-COC-001664 27th March 2007

FSC Trademark

FSC certification mark

Environmentally conscious products best practices

Better Products for a Better Future

At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That is why we strive to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable, and energy efficient.
Better products that use fewer resources help ensure a better future for us all.

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