Environmental product development lifecycle

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  • Think/Design and Development
  • Choose/Materials Procurement
  • Create/Manufacturing Processes
  • Deliver/Logistics
  • Use/Product Environmental Information
  • Recycle&ReuseProduct Recycling

Materials Procurement


Green Purchasing of Production Materials

In line with our environmental action policy, we seek to create and provide products that demonstrate eco-care. So, when choosing the parts and raw materials that make up our products, we give preference to lower-impact alternatives.

We buy green production materials based on the same standards around the world.

We updated the SEG Green Purchasing Standard for Production Materials in April 2008 with an eye toward shoring up our product substance assurance system in particular. Specifically, we are driving our assurance system across our supply chain, from first-tier suppliers all the way back to raw materials manufacturers.

We ask our suppliers to provide declarations stating that the materials they deliver to us do not contain banned substances, that banned materials are not used in their manufacturing processes, and that they build and maintain their own assurance systems to ensure compliance with product content restrictions.

As part of our trade terms, we also require our suppliers to provide information on the substances being included in and eliminated from each type of material delivered to us. We use this process to help select suppliers who can reliably assure compliance with our product content requirements.

Green production material purchasing flow

Supplier part approval -> Production material approval -> Procurement

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Supplier part approval

Approval conditions
Supplier agrees to maintain a system that assures compliance with product content restrictions.

  • Provide declaration that delivered product does not contain banned substances
  • Agree not to use substances banned from manufacturing processes
  • Agree to build and maintain a system to assure compliance with product content restrictions

Production material approval

Approval conditions
Provide information on substances included in products

  • Information on controlled substances included in products
  • Information on the elimination of substances to be eliminated from products

Production material procurement

Green office supplies

We limit our office equipment, stationery, and general office supplies purchases to the bare necessities. When purchasing the essentials, preference is given to goods that satisfy defined internal criteria for "green products."

Paper products procurement policy

In April 2007 the Epson Group established a paper product procurement policy, which expanded the procurement of paper products that can be confirmed to comply with that policy. In order to have expert and objective input into the creation of this policy, the Epson Group invited the participation of the WWF Japan, which was one of five organizations that compiled a "Joint NGO Recommendation on Ecologically Ethical Paper Procurement." WWF Japan's goal is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. As part of its activities, WWF Japan calls on companies to use wood products in an appropriate way, taking into consideration the balance between the use and conservation of forests. This procurement strategy incorporates WWF Japan ideas on the use of forest resources and encompasses the legality and sustainability of the entire supply chain.

Epson Group Paper Products Procurement Policy

  1. Effective use of used paper and other recycled pulp
  2. If virgin pulp is used as a raw material, procurement should confirm the following:
    • Legality
    • Sustainability
    • Chemical safety
    • Environmental management

Details on the Epson Group's paper product procurement policy and procurement standards can be found here.

Better Products for a Better Future

At Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. That is why we strive to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable, and energy efficient.
Better products that use fewer resources help ensure a better future for us all.

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