Epson and the Environment

Environmental History

Timeline of Environmental Action

Environmental History

Harmony, collaboration, and environmental commitment

Epson was founded in 1942 in Suwa, a city located in the rich natural environment of Nagano Prefecture. Harmonious co-existence with the communities in which we operate has long been a cornerstone of the company, and even as our operations have expanded globally, our culture of respect for the environment has never wavered. We demonstrated this in 1988, when Epson became the world's first company to announce that it would eliminate ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from its operations. We demonstrated this again by sharing our accumulated technical expertise under the banner of "collaboration before competition." We will maintain a high level of environmental action because, as stated in the Management Philosophy, Epson aims to be a progressive company, trusted throughout the world because of our commitment to environmental conservation.

Lake Suwa, circa 1970

1942- Pollution control

Epson began treating wastewater discharged from its site so as to avoid polluting nearby Lake Suwa. In the 1970s, as pollution became a social issue, Epson stepped up its pollution control efforts and established tough new internal environmental standards with stricter water quality limits than required by legislation.