Epson and the Environment

Eco Community

Introduction of communications on environmental topics.

Eco-Products International Fair

The Epson booth at Eco-Products International Fair 2014

Epson exhibits its eco products at international fairs to build greater global awareness of Epson's environmental programs and eco-conscious products. The 2014 fair was held in Taipei, Taiwan. Epson's booth attracted visitors from Taiwan, China, India, Singapore, Europe, the Americas, and other corners of the globe.

Eco-Products Fair

The Epson booth at Eco-Products 2013

Epson has had a booth at Eco-Products, Japan's preeminent environmental fair, every year since 1999, the first year of the fair. At Eco-Products 2013, Epson took the main stage to present its recovery and recycling system, and gave guided tours of the Epson booth to explain the company's eco products and initiatives in various areas. In addition, Epson introduced some of its initiatives to further improve the basic eco performance of its products by, for example, making them smaller, lighter in weight, and more energy efficient. The company also highlighted the advantages of digital textile printing, a process that promises to change the way the textile printing industry works and help shrink that industry's environmental footprint.

Community Dialog

Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies in Japan organize events to exchange ideas with the local residents of the communities in which we operate for the purpose of cultivating a deeper understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system.

Environmental Communication Guidelines

Epson's Global Environmental Communication Guidelines, established in 2008, provides rules for environment-related communications. The guidelines are used throughout the Epson Group to help ensure that the information we release about our environmental programs and environmental performance is correct and easy to understand.