Epson and the Environment

2015 Goals

To achieve the vision described in Environmental Vision 2050, we set certain intermediate goals to fill the gaps between where we are and where we want to be. Epson's SE15 Mid-Term Environmental Policy spells out our 2015 goals in the following areas: new perspective, products, production, and environmental community. These environmental actions have been incorporated into our business strategies.

2015 Goals

2015 Goals

New Perspective
Going beyond only reducing the environmental impacts of products themselves, Epson proposes new products, services, functions, and uses that change the behavior and businesses of customers.

Create compelling, customer-pleasing products that have a 50% lower impact across their life cycle by making them smaller and lighter, reducing their power requirements, designing them for easy recycling, and extending their service life.

Achieve efficient, low-impact production processes that will provide underlying support for greener products in conjunction with programs that reduce total costs and raise quality.

Eco Community
We are challenging ourselves to achieve new socially and economically sustainable practices through environmental community action centered on products and services.

Defining the New Perspective

We define the new perspective as a view toward taking action to create and provide innovative products and services that dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.
Helping customers shrink their environmental footprint is part of our duty as a manufacturer and is something we intend to do going forward.

Environmental Performance

Epson introduced the SE15 Mid-Term Environmental Policy in 2010. In line with the policy, we are reducing the environmental impacts of our products and services. In the 2014 fiscal year we achieved our environmental impact reduction targets for products themselves by making them energy-saving, resource-saving, and so forth. We also achieved our market launch targets for "new perspective" products and services that will reduce environmental impacts while making the businesses of our customers faster, easier, and more convenient. Programs to reduce the use of energy, water and other resources were carried out in manufacturing, enabling the Epson Group as a whole to achieve its reduction targets for environmental impacts.

Find details on environmental performance here PDF (30KB)