Sales Service & Support

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Epson strives to improve customer satisfaction by providing after-sale service and support that customers know they can count on. The company also holds seminars to teach customers how to properly use their products and to suggest ideas for exciting new ways to use them.

Service Personnel Skills Competition

Every year Epson Sales Japan holds a skills competition for service personnel who repair Epson equipment in the field, at customer sites. In 2011, with the goal of improving service and maximizing customer value of Epson products, 12 of our top servicepersons from around Japan were selected to compete in a qualifying round. The top three finishers moved on to the finals. The contestants perform service and repair work under the watchful eyes of judges. They are judged not only on their repair skills but on the neatness of their personal appearance, orderliness, ability to correctly diagnose problems, and skill at communicating with customers, all factors that encourage customer loyalty.

FY2011 Service Personnel Skills
Competition champion
Daisuke Hiyamizu

Said one employee who observed the competition, "The contestants demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and an amazing ability to flexibly adapt to changing situations. These types of servicepersons are a huge asset for Epson because service calls are a valuable opportunity to communicate with customers."

Daisuke Hiyamizu, an employee of a service partner company and fiscal 2011 champion, said, "Until the competition was over, I didn't think I stood a chance, so I am thrilled. The competition was a great learning experience, and I am honored to have been chosen as the winner. A serviceperson's job is to maximize customer satisfaction in the field. I look forward to applying what I've learned through this experience to satisfy customers."

Photo Seminars

Course in faded photo restoration

EpSITE1 offers various lectures and hands-on seminars, some free and some for a nominal fee, to teach customers things such as simple printer operations, tricks to improve their prints, and other practical skills. In one lecture, for example, customers learned techniques for restoring old, faded prints and film using scanners and multifunction printers. Many participants are surprised at how easily this can be accomplished with Epson products.

1 EpSITE is the name of an imaging gallery in Tokyo with space for activities such as photo exhibits, product demonstrations, and courses for photo printing.

Awards for After-Sale Service

In 2011, Nikkei Business ranked Epson Direct Corporation No.1 in after-sale service satisfaction, in the PC category, for the seventh consecutive year.

As a direct link between customers and Epson, Epson Direct is always looking to improve service to ensure that customers remain satisfied with their purchases. In addition to offering one-day service and online support tips, Epson Direct is striving to further enhance service so that customers can use their Epson products faster, longer, and with more confidence.

Epson Photo Team

Epson Photo Team in Kobe: Setting up a home photo studio

Epson employees familiar with photo editing and printing decided to form an inter-departmental photo team. Team members share the joy of photo printing with communities across Japan.

The team runs events all over Japan for people of all skill levels, from beginners who just purchased their first DSLR camera to experienced photographers who have been taking photos for years. The one-day events are packed with various activities, including seminars by professional photographers, local photo exhibitions, and still-life photo shoots.

Worldwide Service and Support Meeting

Sales staff and heads of operations divisions from Epson Group companies around the world periodically congregate to exchange ideas and information.

Worldwide Service and Support Meeting

This is an opportunity for the divisions that plan and develop the products to interact with the sales departments that actually meet with customers and provide service and support so they can work together to improve customer satisfaction.

Participants look at case studies where customer feedback garnered from service and support activities was reflected in product improvements. These meetings play a vital role in ensuring that product development, service, and support stay closely in tune with our customers worldwide.