Customer Commitment

Sales/ Service & Support

Epson wants customers to be able to identify products that meet their needs. We always look to provide accurate, readily understandable product information and quality after-sales service so that customers can use our products with peace-of-mind.

After-Sales Service for Epson PCs

Epson Direct Corporation's support policy reads as follows: "Every second counts. Never make customers wait. Earn customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty."

Our customers' work does not wait when their PC fails. Obviously a strong quality program is essential for preventing PC failures in the first place, but when failures do occur, minimizing customer downtime becomes the top priority. We provide a one-day guarantee on repairs, during both the standard warranty period and for the extended pick-up warranty. If an Epson PC should fail during the coverage period, Epson Direct will repair it and return it the next day, weekends included.

Service Personnel Skills Competition

Epson Sales Japan Corporation holds a skills competition every year for the customer engineers (CE) of partner companies who directly visit customers and service their Epson products. Through the skills competition, CEs get the chance to practice "Epson CE Style." the CE code of conduct, and improve their service skills and the quality of their interactions with customers.

In fiscal 2015, the skills competition was held for the first time at Seiko Epson's Hirooka Office. Eight CEs selected from partner companies nationwide competed to demonstrate their skills on the PX-M7050FX(Japan-only model), a printer for the domestic market used with managed print services. One spectator commented, "I realized how dedicated the CEs are in their approach to maintenance." Another said, "By holding the competition at the Hirooka Office, the developers got a feel for the importance of product serviceability." The 2015 competition was won by Takuma Nishi from the North Kanto area. After the competition, he spoke of his dedication to service work. "It was a valuable opportunity to reappraise my approach to service. I think my attention to detail was the winning factor. Thanks to everyone for their support."

Service Personnel Skills Competition champion Takuma Nishi

Photo Seminars

EpSITE1 holds a wide range of appealing and useful seminars designed to share the fun of printing and displaying photos.

There are free lectures that anyone can drop in on, no registration required. These lectures teach basic knowledge on digital printing and introduce simple and convenient ways of using printers. In practical skills courses, each participant works with one machine. Courses cover a wide range of material, from printing basics to hands-on courses in products like the SC-PX5VII (overseas model name: SureColor P600). Also offered are workshops. Their curriculum includes seminars in which professionals from different business fields teach advanced techniques. (Practical skills courses and workshops are available by reservation and require a fee.)

The aim of these photo seminars is to help participants pick up the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy digital printing and have a better appreciation for photography.

1 EpSITE, a facility dedicated to photography and managed by Epson, is equipped with a photo gallery, rental photo lab, and facilities for hosting a variety of events, including photo seminars and photo exhibits.

Practical skills course using the SureColor P600

Epson New Photo Forum

The Epson New Photo Forum is a photography event that conveys the enjoyment of printing photos, including basic knowledge of inkjet printing, how to print correctly, and techniques for finishing photos as works of art.

The latest inkjet printers are displayed at the event venue, as well as the following presentations.

  • Printing seminars for making art photos.
  • An exhibition of prints of photos provided by customers.
  • An exhibition of printed works using a variety of print paper and different manufacturer's cameras.

Participants enjoy an event where professional photographers offer critiques of customer's photos.

Epson New Photo Forum