Customer Commitment

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Sales / Service & Support

Epson wants customers to be able to identify products that meet their needs, so Epson always looks to provide accurate, readily understandable product information and quality after-sales service so that they can use Epson's products with assurance.

After-Sales Service for Epson PCs

Epson Direct Corporation's support policy reads as follows: "Every second counts. Never make customers wait. Earn customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty."

Our customers' work does not wait when their PC fails. Obviously a strong quality program is essential for preventing PC failures in the first place, but when failures do occur, minimizing customer downtime becomes the top priority. We provide a one-day guarantee on repairs, during both the standard warranty period and for the extended pick-up warranty. If an Epson PC should fail during the coverage period, Epson Direct will repair it and return it the next day, weekends included.

Service Personnel Skills Competition

FY2014 Service Personnel Skills Competition
champion Satoru Shimohara

Epson Sales Japan Corp. holds a skills competition every year for our partner companies' customer engineers (CE). CEs are responsible for visiting customers directly to repair Epson products. Through the skills competition, CEs get the chance to practice "Epson CE Style," our CE action guideline, and improve their repair skills and the quality of their interactions with customers.

The FY2014 skills competition focused on the PX-M7075FX (Japan-only model), a product used for Epson Smart Charge, a managed print service offered in Japan. Nine persons selected from partner companies around Japan competed fiercely to prevail. One spectator commented that "Though the environment wasn't quite the real thing, I could really imagine the contestants performing these repairs at a customer facility. And I got a sense of how important it is to take maintenance characteristics into account at the design stage." Another added, "I realized how the Epson brand depends on CEs with excellent technical skills and customer support talent." Mr. Satoru Shimohara of the Kansai Area won the FY2014 competition. In an interview, he said "It was a different kind of tension than I would normally have in a repair situation, but I was able to address the issue with no problem and afterwards I felt a great sense of relief. I hope to use this experience to refine my skills on a daily basis to keep our customers satisfied."

Photo Seminars

EpSITE1 holds a wide range of appealing and useful seminars designed to share the fun of printing and displaying photos.

Practical skills course using the SureColor P600

There are free lectures that anyone can drop in on, no registration required. These lectures teach basic knowledge on digital printing and introduce simple and convenient ways of using printers. In practical skills courses, each participant works with one machine. Courses cover a wide range of material, from printing basics to hands-on courses in products like the SC-PX5VII (overseas model name: SureColor P600). Also offered are workshops. Their curriculum includes seminars in which professionals from different business fields teach advanced techniques. (Practical skills courses and workshops are available by reservation and require a fee.)

The aim of these photo seminars is to help participants pick up the knowledge and skills they need to enjoy digital printing and have a better appreciation for photography.

1 EpSITE, a facility dedicated to photography and managed by Epson, is equipped with a photo gallery, rental photo lab, and facilities for hosting a variety of events, including photo seminars and photo exhibits.

Epson Photo Team

Epson Photo Team is a photography event designed to teach the joy of photo printing. Epson staff go to all parts of Japan to offer these events for photography fans around the country. Subject matter includes basic knowledge of inkjet printing, correct printing methods, and techniques for turning photos into art.

The latest inkjet printers are displayed at the event site, which also feature opportunities like the following.

  • Printing seminars for creating photographic works of art
  • Large-format printing experiences. Customers bring in their own photo data to print out at sizes up to A3+.
  • Advice sessions helping customers solve their printing issues

Epson Photo Team in Matsuyama

Chat sessions bring seminar leaders together with visitors to talk about photographic works submitted in advance by customers. These events are very popular since visitors can take an active part.

Epson Sales Japan Earns Outstanding Group Award after PhotoMaster Accreditation Test

The PhotoMaster accreditation test, sponsored by Kokusai Bunka College, a private educational foundation, was held in November, 2014. This year 248 Epson Sales Japan Corporation (ESJ) employees took the test. ESJ was recognized with the Outstanding Group Award based on the overall score of ESJ test-takers. Moreover, an ESJ employee was the only test-taker this year to earn a perfect score and take home both the Best Individual Performance Award and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award.

Backed by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the PhotoMaster accreditation test was created in 2004 to further the skills and careers of people who are involved in the world of photography and cameras. To date, more than 63,000 people have taken the test.

Hisao Shimizu of Kokusai Bunka College (left)
and Naoyuki Saeki of ESJ (right)

ESJ encouraged its employees who work in volume retail sales and marketing to take the test as a way to better equip them to explain the benefits of Epson products to photo enthusiasts and retailers so that, in turn, these people would be able to master the use and maximize the value of Epson products. Other aims were to give ESJ employees a deeper appreciation of digital printing and to foster smoother communication with customers and retailers.

An awards ceremony was held at the ESJ head office on February, 2015, where Hisao Shimizu, managing director of Kokusai Bunka College, presented Naoyuki Saeki, president of ESJ, with a certificate.