Customer Commitment

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Sales / Service & Support

Epson provides customer value through its products and services. We want consumers to be able to identify products that meet their needs, so we always look to provide accurate, readily understandable product information and quality after-sales service so that they can use our products with assurance.

After-Sales Service for Epson PCs

Epson Direct Corporation's support policy reads as follows: "Every second counts. Never make customers wait. Earn customer satisfaction and ongoing loyalty."

Our customers' work does not wait when their PC fails. Obviously a strong quality program is essential for preventing PC failures in the first place, but when failures do occur, minimizing customer downtime becomes the top priority. We provide a one-day guarantee on repairs, during both the standard warranty period and for the extended pick-up warranty. If an Epson PC should fail during the coverage period, Epson Direct will repair it and return it the next day, weekends included.

In its September 8, 2014, edition, Nikkei Computer magazine ranked Epson Direct No. 1 in overall satisfaction in the personal computer category for the seventh consecutive year and No. 1 in overall satisfaction in the desktop computer category for the second year running. In addition, Nikkei Business magazine awarded Epson Direct the top spot in the personal computer category (excluding tablets) in its 2014 After Service Rankings (November 3, 2014, edition). We believe that these evaluations are the result of our ongoing efforts.

Service Personnel Skills Competition

Service Personnel Skills Competition champion
Kenkichi Hongo

Every year Epson Sales Japan holds a skills competition for customer engineers (CE), the people who repair Epson equipment in the field, at customer sites. The 2013 competition was a motivational experience that gave participants the opportunity to develop their repair and customer skills through friendly competition in the normal repair process, which starts with customer visitation and ends with reporting and advice. Twelve of the top CEs from around Japan were selected to compete in a qualifying round. The top three finishers moved on to the finals. The competition afforded observers a rare peek behind the scenes of the repair process and gave them a sense of the importance of designing products that can easily be repaired. One observer commented that he got a sense that the way CEs interact with customers affects brand image and product sales as much as the quality of repairs. Epson CEs recognize the importance of quality customer support and interaction, and they understand that the opportunity to directly interact with users of Epson products is valuable and comes with certain responsibilities.

Kenkichi Hongo who represented northern Japan won the FY2013 competition. He, both surprised and thrilled by his victory, appeared to feel the responsibility that comes with being No. 1 in the nation.

Photo Seminars

Course in faded photo restoration

EpSITE1 holds a wide range of appealing and useful seminars designed to share the fun of printing and displaying photos. There are free lectures that anyone can drop in on, no registration required. There are also practical skills courses and workshops that can be taken for a fee and that require registration.

More and more people today are viewing and sharing photos online, on social networking sites and the like. At the same time, however, there is a growing contingent that sees the value in physical photographic prints and that purchases prints for decorative purposes. Through these photo seminars, Epson hopes to enrich the photographic experience by teaching people how to produce the prints they envisioned, develop an eye for good prints, and learn how to display their photos attractively.

1 EpSITE, a facility dedicated to photography, is equipped with a photo gallery, rental photo lab, and facilities for hosting a variety of events, including photo seminars and photo exhibits.

Epson Photo Team

The Epson Photo Team in Kiyomizu

The Epson Photo Team shares the joy of making photo prints with people from across Japan by organizing events at which they share their technical knowledge and enthusiasm for creating great photos to people of all skill levels, from beginners who just purchased their first DSLR camera to experienced photographers who have been taking photos for years.

Events follow a seminar format, beginning with a course on the basics of inkjet prints. This is followed by a series of seminars that take participants through the essential steps in making great prints, including, in turn, the shooting, selection and printing of photos. Also popular at these events are photo exhibits featuring the work of local photographers, workshops in where visitors can make prints from their own photo data, and a consultation corner where visitors can get help with their printing issues. All comers are welcome to visit and enjoy a full day of activities.

Worldwide Service and Support Meeting

Sales staff and heads of operations divisions from Epson Group companies around the world periodically congregate to exchange ideas and information.

Worldwide Service and Support Meeting

This is an opportunity for the divisions that plan and develop the products to interact with the sales departments that actually meet with customers and provide service and support so they can work together to improve customer satisfaction.

Participants look at case studies where customer feedback garnered from service and support activities was reflected in product improvements. These meetings play a vital role in ensuring that product development, service, and support stay closely in tune with our customers worldwide.