Customer Commitment

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Our Vision

Epson established its Quality Policy as a guide for achieving customer satisfaction, one of the core commitments included in Epson's Management Philosophy, and as a means to ingrain customer-centric behavior within the corporate culture. Day-to-day decision-making and conduct are guided by the "SE15 CS / Quality Midterm Action Guidelines," which Epson established in 2009.

In line with these guidelines, product planners and design engineers directly visit, observe, and listen to customers to gather information on customer needs and problems, which is then used to provide customer-pleasing products and services. Initiatives aimed at achieving 100% conformance begin at the development and design engineering stages. By identifying problems early and addressing their root causes, we can build quality into products instead of relying on inspection at the end of the production process.

We will continue to emphasize a conscious approach to identifying genuine customer value and to building that value into the products and services we deliver.

Quality Policy