Customer Commitment

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Activities to Improve Quality

Epson conducts a variety of programs in line with a quality policy we established to provide concrete guidelines for continuing to create products and services that please and are trusted by customers. Good programs are shared across the global organization to boost the level of the Epson Group as a whole.

Quality Control Training

Epson provides QC training to all employees. The goal is to continuously improve quality by developing people who can identify and address the root causes of problems. Employees receive practical training that they can put to immediate use. In the basic course they learn the fundamentals of QC along with problem-solving tools and techniques. Epson also offers professional courses that teach advanced analytical techniques.

Trainer Training at Overseas Production Sites

Epson's products should be of the same high quality no matter where they are manufactured. That is why Epson also puts a great deal of effort into QC training overseas.

Employees of overseas production sites who have undergone QC trainer training and who are recognized to have reached a certain level of knowledge and teaching proficiency become licensed as trainers.

Trainer Training (Thailand)

Quality Improvement Initiatives (E-KAIZEN Activities)

In the Epson Group, "E-KAIZEN" activities are taken on the individual and team level to systematically solve problems and issues encountered on the job.

In the 2013 fiscal year we implemented actions to achieve Epson's mid-term CS/quality goal of constantly improving quality and team strength so that we can keep delivering new value to customers.

Every year, the results of team-based improvement activities are presented in blocs. There are four blocs, consisting of Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe/America. The teams with the best presentations in each bloc are invited to the Worldwide Team Presentations in Japan, where the teams with the best presentations are recognized with awards. In addition to sharing presentations at the various events, we upload details about activities to the company intranet. The objective is to promote similar activities across the Epson Group, for mutual improvement and enlightenment.

The Worldwide Team Presentations conference was held in October 2013, with 12 elite teams from the various blocs giving their presentations. Ultimately, the Tension Analyzers, a team from manufacturing affiliate Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc. (EPPI), was recognized for its outstanding activities and presented with the highest honor, the President's Award. Said Jun Agno, leader of the award-winning team, "We were happy that all the time and effort we spent to improve quality was recognized, and we are looking forward to using the knowledge and experience we gained from our E-KAIZEN activities to further improve QCD and help make Epson a stronger company."

The FY2013 Worldwide Team Presentations, in Japan

The President's Award-winning team, the Tension Analyzers (Jun Agno is in the center)

CS & Quality Month Best Practices Assembly

In-house poster promoting
CS & Quality Month

Epson has designated November as CS & Quality Month. During the month, we carry out programs across the Epson Group to increase awareness of day-to-day quality assurance activities and to further improve quality.

One of the key activities during the month is an assembly at which people share best practices. The purpose is to roll best practices out across the entire Epson Group. More than 100 employees from operations divisions around Japan participated in the 2012 event, where they presented case studies on best practices in two thematic areas: assessment costs ("A costs") and a customer perspective.

Theme 1: Efforts by designers & engineers to cut A costs

Epson aims to build quality into products from the start of the commercialization phase so as to attain manufacturing quality high enough to eliminate the need for inspections. Numerous case studies described ways to develop new methods to increase inspectors' evaluation capabilities and designs that do not rely on inspections.

Theme 2: Products arising from a customer perspective

Best practices presentation during CS & Quality Month

To satisfy customers, you have to start by asking yourself not what kind of products to make but what kind of value to provide. Reports on this theme were presented at a round-table discussion at which project leaders talked about actual products that arose from a customer-based perspective. People who were directly involved in product development talked about how they identified customer wants and requirements, how they incorporated them into products, and about such things as processes, tools, and keys to unearthing underlying issues.