Customer Commitment

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Activities to Improve Quality

Epson conducts activities to improve the quality of its products, services, manufacturing and sales in order to provide quality that exceeds customer expectations and earns their trust.

Employee Monitor Program

Inkjet printer evaluation

Epson has a monitor program in which employees and their family members can participate. Persons who register as monitors evaluate products not as employees but as customers. The objective is to identify ways to improve product usability.

In the 2015 fiscal year we had 737 registered monitors who evaluated 24 products from a variety of perspectives prior to market release. The monitors rated the products, which included printers, projectors, wearable products and more, in terms of operability, visibility, and other usability and development objectives. The information gleaned from the results is used to improve the products and user manuals.

Supplier Quality Assurance

A meeting of people in charge of supplier QC

Epson internally manufactures key components such as printheads for inkjet printers. At the same time, our suppliers also provide us with many of the parts needed for manufacturing. Therefore, our quality assurance programs go beyond the Epson Group. We share our approach to quality with our suppliers and work with them to improve quality.

For example, we stipulate our basic quality assurance policies and requirements in quality assurance standards, verify the quality of parts by visiting suppliers, and give them advice about ways to improve. In addition, we hold meetings with suppliers and our own people who are in charge of supplier quality control at our operations divisions to improve quality assurance programs.

Global Sharing of Service & Support Information

Epson Group Services and Support Meeting

Epson has built service and support organizations around the world so that our customers can use our products and services with confidence.

We hold an annual Epson Group Services and Support Conference that is attended by people in charge of service and support at our overseas regional sales headquarters and some sales companies. The purpose of the meeting is to improve the quality of our service and support. At the meeting, we share technical information about service and support, as well as about the use of our products and services by customers. We also review actions and discuss issues to formulate long-term strategies for services and support. The results of the meeting are used in our services and support around the world.

Improvement of Employee Quality Control Skills


Epson provides quality control training to all employees so that they can help improve quality. Manufacturing personnel, engineers, and office workers separately receive training for the basics of QC first. After that, they receive systematic training to learn the skills required to fulfill their duties and participate in E-kaizen programs (see below).
In addition, we train and certify QC trainers at overseas production sites and certify trainers so that our overseas employees can receive the same level of training as our employees in Japan.
Epson aims to develop people who are able to identify and address the root causes of problems so that we can produce and sell products and services that exceed customer expectations.

Quality Improvement Initiatives (E-Kaizen Activities)

Epson companies conduct so-called E-Kaizen continuous improvement activities on both an individual and team level to systematically solve issues encountered on the job.

Every year, the results of team-based improvement activities are presented and evaluated in blocs. There are four blocs, consisting of Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and Europe/America. The teams with the best presentations in each bloc are invited to the Worldwide Team Presentations in Japan, where the teams with the best presentations are recognized with awards. In addition to presenting activity results at the various bloc events, we make QC circle presentations available for viewing on the company intranet. By promoting similar activities across the Epson Group, we look to learn from one another and to raise awareness of the need for continuous improvement.

The Worldwide Team Presentations conference was held in October 2015, with 12 elite teams from the various blocs giving their presentations. Lulutong, a team from Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd., (ESL, China) came away with the President's Award in recognition of outstanding actions taken to establish a multi-model production system.

Liang Weiguo, manager of P Key Components Engineering and Manufacturing, the department to which Lulutong belongs, said, "We want to help increase productivity across Epson by rolling out this production system to other production sites. The goal is not to win the President's Award but to further increase productivity. Still, we will try to win the President's Award again next year by further developing our skills and teamwork."

The FY2015 Worldwide Team Presentations, in Japan

Members of the President's
Award-winning Lulutong team

Activities to Raise Awareness

November is CS & Quality Month across Epson. In FY2015, we raised CS and quality awareness with an online course about key initiatives for relaying customer expectations to people in every phase of the product commercialization process, from planning through sales support. In addition, we held an event to listen to customer opinions, ideas, and wishes that was attended by approximately 1,000 employees in Japan. We use events like this to help shape our products and services to the needs of our customers.

FY2015 CS & Quality Month poster

Program in which we listened to voice of customers