Epson's CSR

What Is Epson's CSR?

Epson's Management Philosophy is the bedrock on which our businesses are run. Our mission is to build stakeholder trust as we grow and prosper with communities and to help create a better world. To this end, we strive to practice the values preached in the Management Philosophy, maintain legal and regulatory compliance, adhere to the highest standards for business ethics, and create value that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We consider any action designed to realize the Management Philosophy to be a CSR activity.

Management Philosophy

Principles of Corporate Behavior and the Epson Code of Conduct

Established in 2005 and applying to the entire Epson Group, Principles of Corporate Behavior spells out principles of conduct for realizing the aim of Epson's Management Philosophy. The Epson Code of Conduct, which was revised in 2006 and applies to all group companies in Japan, articulates proper employee conduct based on these principles. We frequently update the Epson Code of Conduct (most recently in April 2017) in response to social, legal, regulatory, and other changes.

The graphic below illustrates the nine core principles that form the foundations of business activities for achieving the goals of the Management Philosophy.

CSR Initiatives at Epson
The "Epson Code of Conduct," "Principles of Corporate Behavior,"and "Interpreting the Management Philosophy"

Anti-Bribery and Competition Law Guidelines for Business Partners

In July 2016, Epson created "Anti-Bribery and Competition Law Guidelines for Business Partners" to help ensure that its business partners understand its attitude to anti-bribery and competition laws. The guidelines require business partners to reject such illegal practices when dealing with the Epson Group.

Anti-Bribery and Competition Law Guidelines for Business Partners New window (240KB)

The United Nations Global Compact

Epson has participated in the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. We have pledged to uphold the ten principles of the Global Compact, and we participated in driving global initiatives in the area of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption.

U.N. Global Compact Initiatives

Epson's Codes of Conduct Framework and the ten Principles of the U.N. Global Compact