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Chemical Risk Assessments

Epson provided eight instructors at government request for a Chemical Risk Assessment Workshop held in Suwa in Nagano, Japan, in February 2016. The workshop was arranged to teach the purpose of chemical risk assessments and techniques for assessing risks using case studies and other materials. Kazuo Yajima, who heads up the health and safety section of the Okaya Labor Standards Inspection Office, says, " Epson is a leader in the Suwa area . I would like the company to help spread and entrench labor safety and health programs in our community."

Co-sponsored by the Okaya Labor Standards Inspection Office and the Suwa Labor Standards Association, the workshop was held to prepare area companies to comply with a 2016 amendment to the Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Act that will make chemical risk assessments compulsory. The workshop was attended by 85 people from 67 companies in the Suwa area. Epson was asked to provide instructors for the workshop because of its proactive efforts to implement internal chemical risk assessments immediately after government chemical risk assessment guidelines were first announced in 2006. Going forward, Epson will continue to communicate and work closely with local governments in communities where it operates.

An Epson employee providing
hands-on instruction

An instructor answering questions
from a workshop participant


Dialogue with Local Residents

Dialogue on environmental initiatives
at Head Office

Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies in Japan organize events to exchange ideas with the local residents of the communities in which we operate. We strive to build a positive relationship of trust with the community by cultivating a deeper understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system. In fiscal 2014, we held such events at eight business sites in Japan.