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Cooperation with the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration

Epson has for many years endeavored to work with local governments to protect the environments in which it operates.

In 2010, Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (ECC) launched the Epson Carbon Trading Model Forest Project in cooperation with the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration, a Beijing city government agency that promotes the planting of trees to absorb carbon dioxide (CO2). ECC contributes to the Beijing Fund of the China Green Carbon Sink Fund via this project and, with the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration, helps to maintain a 37,000-square-meter area in Beijing’s Bai Wang Shan Forest Park, measure and monitor CO2 absorption, and educate local citizens about CO2 reduction. Through this project ECC seeks to raise awareness of environmental conservation among its employees and help fulfill its corporate social responsibility.

ECC employees and family members who
participated in the tree-planting program

The project itself runs throughout the year, but ECC has also held three tree-planting events in conjunction with members of the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration, with a total of 360 employees and members of their families participating. In addition to planting trees, participants prune and water the trees, pick up trash, and attend family nature classes. The head of the Beijing Forestry Carbon Administration says, "Epson, which sees the importance of environmental conservation and actively participates in the carbon sink project, serves as a model for other companies and is demonstrating social leadership in the reduction of CO2."

Epson continues to communicate closely with local governments in communities where it operates so that it may contribute to these communities.

Publicizing the program in the park

Planting trees

Family nature class


Dialogue with Local Residents

Dialogue on environmental initiatives
at Head Office

Seiko Epson and Epson Group companies in Japan organize events to exchange ideas with the local residents of the communities in which we operate. We strive to build a positive relationship of trust with the community by cultivating a deeper understanding of our environmental initiatives and risk management system. In fiscal 2014, we held such events at eight business sites in Japan.