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"Dear Mr. Epson" Column in Group Newsletter

In each issue of the Epson Group newsletter Harmony, the "Dear Mr. Epson" column introduces customers who use our products or people outside the Group who have some relationship to Epson, so that employees can hear what they have to say. Hearing customers in their own words raises the awareness of employees who create customer value but have few chances for actual contact with these people. In fiscal 2012, the column featured customers and business partners from China, Taiwan, and Singapore, as well as Japan.

Shareholders and Investors

Regular General Shareholders' Meeting

71st Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

The General Shareholders' Meeting is an excellent opportunity to directly communicate with our shareholders. Speaking directly to them at the 71st such meeting in 2013, the president delivered business reports for the fiscal year 2012. He also explained the Updated Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2013-15), announced in March 2013.

Every year shareholders bring a range of opinions and questions to the General Shareholders' Meeting, which the president and other directors address sincerely. And at this meeting, all of the Epson's business products were displayed in the meeting place to realize our fruits of Epson's activities and corporate vision for the shareholders.