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Sharing the Voice of the Customer

Epson's internal monthly newsletter, Harmony, offers employees feedback from the end users of Epson products or its external partners based on actual visits and discussions with those individuals. By delivering the unfiltered voice of the customer to our employees who have few opportunities to meet with either customers or vendors, Harmony is helping Epson to further raise employee awareness about the creation of customer value.

In FY2014, we shared the voices of a variety of customers and sales agents who are using or selling our large-format inkjet printers for signage and displays, the large-format inkjet printers that can print directly on fabric, as well as our scanners, watches, and so on.

Shareholders and Investors

Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

The 73rd Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

At Epson, we consider the General Shareholders' Meeting to be a valuable opportunity to communicate directly with our shareholders.

In 2015, at the 73rd Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, Seiko Epson President Minoru Usui, addressed shareholders directly, reporting on events and highlights from the 2014 fiscal year and explaining the direction in which the company is headed, particularly in printing, visual communications, quality of life, and manufacturing--the four key domains where Epson seeks to apply its technological strengths to drive change.

Every year shareholders bring a range of opinions and questions to the General Shareholders' Meeting, which Usui and the other directors openly address.

To augment the explanations, we set up product displays to give shareholders a solid sense of upcoming Epson innovations. The displays depicted the advances we have already made in the four domains, as well as our vision for the future in these areas. A special exhibit was created to mark the 40th anniversary of the Epson brand.