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Sharing the Voice of the Customer

Epson's internal monthly newsletter - called Harmony, the Epson Group Journal - has a regular section called Dear Epson, which gives Epson employees feedback from the end users of Epson products or its external partners. By delivering the unfiltered voice of the customer to staff members who have few opportunities to meet with either customers or vendors, Dear Epson is helping Epson to further raise employee awareness about the creation of customer value.

In FY2013, Epson employees heard from a variety of customers, including people who are involved in local government or are working in the commercial and industrial segments, which Epson is trying to develop.

Shareholders and Investors

Regular General Shareholders' Meeting

The 72nd Annual General Shareholders' Meeting

The General Shareholders' Meeting is a valuable opportunity for Epson to communicate directly with its shareholders.

Epson President Minoru Usui presented an overview of FY2013 and explained the direction to shareholders at the 72nd Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in 2014

Every year shareholders bring a range of opinions and questions to the General Shareholders' Meeting, which the president and the other directors openly address. In addition, we displayed Epson products, including an autonomous dual-arm robot, at the venue to give visiting shareholders a real sense of Epson innovation. President Usui talked about our achievements thus far and our vision for the future in four business areas.