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Dialogue with the Media

Global Press Tour

Global media with President Usui at
Hirooka Plant

In June 2014, Epson hosted 45 top media from over 20 countries at a press tour in Japan. Over several days the journalists visited the company's major operations, spent time with President Usui and the COO of each Division, and experienced firsthand the breadth and depth of Epson's technology across the printing, projection, sensing and robotics fields. The shared feedback from the participating press members was that they realized Epson was not simply a printer company, but a technology company.

Epson aims to use such opportunities to build good relationships with the press and to effectively communicate its business strategy to its stakeholders.

Dialogue with Students and Educators

Design Internships

Interns tackling a project

Seiko Epson offers internships every year in March to aspiring designers.

Although short, these internships give students from multiple universities an opportunity to learn about problem-solving processes and the creation of unique designs under the tutelage of designers who are actually working in the field. This year's internship was held at Seiko Epson's Hirooka Office. Students from various universities worked together on a project under the instruction of a Seiko Epson designer. The program is designed to give them meaningful experience and insight into the design world.

The advantage of an internship over the classroom, said one intern, is that it offers a unique opportunity to learn the mental approach to design, not just technique. Others reported that the internship was a valuable experience because it made them think about how they need to approach design work before they enter the workforce.

Training Guidance for Specialized Senior High Schools

Since 2012, Epson's Monozukuri Juku (Manufacturing School) has given practical training and educational guidance training for students and educators from Nagano Prefecture specialized senior high schools.

Educational guidance training for educators
at specialized senior high schools

Training for specialized senior high school educators welcomes not just new teachers, but also principals' associations and vice-principals' associations. Lectures address the role that specialized senior high school students should play and strengths they should acquire as seen from the business world. They also touch on how businesses and schools interact with each other. School teachers have praised this effort. As one commented, "This gave me a concrete idea of the type of student that businesses are looking to recruit. This is useful for helping me guide my students."


Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

The Monozukuri Museum within Seiko Epson's Head Office is a space with exhibits of historically significant documents and landmark products that the company has developed, manufactured, and sold over the years.

The museum has a historical corner that provides a retrospective view of Epson over the decades and a hands-on corner that features products in the four key domains Epson is currently targeting: printing, visual communications, quality of life, and manufacturing.

Historical Corner
(Product exhibits that trace the
history of product development and
manufacturing at Epson)

Hands-on Corner
(Showing 3D projected images)

The historical corner has exhibits that trace Epson's history through its products, including the world's first analog quartz watch and a color inkjet printer that went aboard a spacecraft. Meanwhile, the hands-on corner treats visitors to a 3D experience with smart glasses and projectors.

The Epson brand was established in June 1975 and this year marks its 40th anniversary. The Manufacturing Museum was redesigned in March 2015 to provide visitors with a panoramic view of the history of Epson by tracing the brand's origins from the EP-101, the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, through the many product lines that evolved from it over the ensuing decades.

Photo and Design Contests

Epson holds various contests to support the creative efforts of photographers and customers across the globe.

  • Epson Photo Grand Prix 2014: Epson Sales Japan Corp.
  • The Epson International Pano Awards 2014: Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. (EAL)
  • Epson Creative Design Contest 2014: Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT)