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Dialogue with the Media

Communication at Tradeshow

Press conference at LabelExpo

In September 2013, president Minoru Usui announced Epson's state-of-the-art PrecisionCore inkjet printing technology at a press conference held at the LabelExpo tradeshow in Brussels, Belgium. He was also on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show held in January 2014 in Las Vegas in the United States to meet members of the media after the announcement of Epson's Moverio BT-200 smart glasses.

Dialogue with Students and Educators

Design Internships

Every year Epson offers student internships for aspiring designers.The program gives interns a chance to work on projects under the guidance of real-world designers, learn processes for solving challenges, and create their own original deliverables.

In FY2013 the interns studied in Epson's facilities, affording them the full company experience. Although the internships are short, they provide a great opportunity for the interns to closely interact with design students from different schools and with Epson employees.

Instructional Training for Vocational High School Teachers

Epson's Monozukuri Juku gives practical training and instruction to students and teachers in Nagano Prefecture.

Instructional training for vocational
high school teachers

At trainings for vocational high school teachers, we teach what enterprise expects of vocational high school students, the skills we want them to learn, and relationships between enterprise and school. Teachers tell us this gives them a concrete understanding of the type of student businesses are looking for, and this is useful in their teaching.

Other Dialogue

Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

Epson created the Monozukuri Museum at its Head Office in Japan, in 2004. Many of the notable products that Epson has developed, manufactured and sold over the years are on display along with precious historical documents. The museum affords a glimpse of Epson's manufacturing history with exhibits of products such as the world's first analog quartz watch, the ultra-miniature EP-101 electronic printer from which Epson takes its name, and the color inkjet printer that was approved to ride aboard the Space Shuttle.

Products exhibited inside
the Monozukuri Museum

The EP-101 (1968)

The Seiko Quartz Astron 35SQ,
the quartz watch that revolutionized
horology (1969)

Taking Lessons from the Past at the Monozukuri Museum

Yoshiko Kotani
of the Monozukuri Museum

The Monozukuri Museum has more than 2,000 visitors a year. For customers, the museum is a place to learn about Epson's history and technology. For employees, it is a place to take lessons from the past and a place to come for the inspiration to create future value that exceeds customer expectations. The exhibits are changed regularly, but we are always looking to enhance the experience by incorporating customer feedback.

Photo and Design Contests

Epson holds various contests to support the creative efforts of photographers and customers across the globe.

  • Epson Photo Grand Prix 2014: Epson Sales Japan Corp.
  • The Epson International Pano Awards 2014: Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. (EAL)
  • Epson Creative Design Contest 2014: Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT)