Dialogue with Students

Design Internships

Every year in March Seiko Epson offers internships to aspiring designers. Although short, these internships give students from various universities an opportunity to learn about processes for achieving a goal and the creation of unique designs under the tutelage of designers who are actually working in the field.

The internship was held at Seiko Epson's Hino Office in March 2016. Students from various universities worked together on a project under the instruction of Epson designers. The program is designed for the students to learn about design processes in the company.

One intern said, "I had difficulties in managing the schedule because I needed to go through all the processes - from preparation to delivering output - in a very limited timespan. I managed to deliver the output on schedule thanks to the help of the instructors who taught me a lot."

Interns discussing the designs


Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

The Monozukuri Museum within Seiko Epson's Head Office is a space with exhibits of historically significant documents and milestone products that the company has developed, manufactured, and sold over the years.

The museum has an historical corner that provides a retrospective view of Epson over the decades and a hands-on corner that features products in Epson's four areas of innovation: printing, visual, wearables, and robotics.

The historical corner has product exhibits that trace Epson's history through its products, including the world's first analog quartz watch and a color inkjet printer that was approved to ride in space. Meanwhile, the hands-on corner allows visitors to experience smart glasses and a 3D projector.

Left: The Seiko Crystal Chronometer that was
used as the official timer for athletic events
around the world
Right: The world's first analog quartz watch
The first inkjet printer in used space

Photo Contests

Epson holds various contests to support the creative efforts of photographers and customers across the globe.

  • Epson Photo Grand Prix 2015: Epson Sales Japan Corp.
  • The Epson International Pano Awards 2015: Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. (EAL)