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Dialogue with the Media

Keynote Speech at IFA 2012

In August 2012, president Minoru Usui gave the keynote speech in Berlin, Germany at IFA 2012, the world's largest trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances. The speech, entitled "Becoming an Indispensable Company in a Changing World," was well received by the audience of more than 200 industry and mass media members.

Dialogue with Students and Educators

Brand Training

Epson, working with Shinshu University, has developed and is implementing internal training to promote awareness of increasing the value of the Epson brand through the work of each employee. The year-long program helps members understand what a brand is and, through an exercise-based format, they acquire basic processes and skills to incorporate into their work. Each year, Shinshu University students and mid-level employees from Epson take the course, engaging in group work. This helps students learn what a corporate brand is and develops the ability to think and act to increase brand value.

Brand training

By talking to students, employees get an objective view of the Epson brand as the customer sees it, so for them the program is an opportunity to attain deep insight into what they need to do to bring better products to market.

Hosting Design Internships

Each year we host design internships for students aspiring to be designers. The goal is to help them acquire knowledge and skills as working people and designers.

Students working on a particular issue

They get practical training built around a specific issue. Members present design ideas relating to the issue and discuss it with each other. This teaches them the skills and processes for drawing out better results on the given issue. Although the term is short, the internship is a chance for intense, educational communication with employees and students from other schools.

Instructional Training for Vocational High School Teachers

Epson's Monozukuri Juku gives practical training and instruction to students and teachers in Nagano Prefecture.

Instructional training for vocational
high school teachers

At trainings for vocational high school teachers, we teach what enterprise expects of vocational high school students, the skills we want them to learn, and relationships between enterprise and school. Teachers tell us this gives them a concrete understanding of the type of student businesses are looking for, and this is useful in their teaching.

Dialogue with Dealers and Distributors

ECC Dealer and Distributor Convention

Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (ECC) invited 327 major dealers and distributors to a convention just for them in March 2013.

Attendees heard a recap of fiscal 2012 sales and Epson's outlook including fiscal 2013 sales strategy and new products and services. Products for the financial industry, enterprises, government, and more were on display, and attendees received concrete sales tips targeting specific industries.

Display of products for financial

We also had attendees fill out a questionnaire, from which we learned their challenges and their wishes from Epson. In particular, they indicated that they wanted Epson to give support for boosting sales to specific industries and fields. This was very useful information for future support efforts.

ECC is taking advantage of these valued opinions. It will continue to practice close communication with its sales channels and offer valuable Epson products and services to customers.

Other Dialogue

Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Museum

Monozukuri Museum

Our head office's Monozukuri Museum displays products developed, manufactured, and sold since Epson's founding, including some pioneering items. Historical materials are also on exhibit. Over 24,000 visitors from outside Epson have visited since the opening in May 2004. As one visitor said, "I really got to understand innovative technologies and how quickly technology advances."

Photo contest

Epson holds various digital imaging contests to support the creative efforts of photographers and customers across the globe. Below are a few such events.

  • Epson Photo Grand Prix 2012: Epson Sales Japan Corp.
  • International Panorama Photo Contest 2012: Epson Australia Pty. Ltd. (EAL)
  • Epson Color Imaging Contest 2012:
    Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT)
    P.T. Epson Indonesia (EIN)