Corporate Citizenship

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Social Welfare

Digital Aquarium (Japan)

Nagano Children's Hospital in Nagano Prefecture has a classroom where children can study while hospitalized.

Epson has been involved since 2007 in special lessons provided at the hospital. We have, for example, produced photo exhibits and provided assistance in paper craft and clock assembly projects. In the 2013 fiscal year, hospital officials expressed interest in an idea that Epson raised for creating a projected "digital aquarium," a space where hospitalized children could imagine life within the water.

Children viewing images of fish

Borrowing a conference room, we hung large screens made of soft cloth in the middle of the room. Images of familiar life forms such as guppies, jellyfish, and clownfish were projected onto the screens, giving the children the sensation of being underwater.

If the smiles and squeals of delight as they chased the fish that appeared before them are any indication, the children enjoyed the time they spent immersed in this captivating visual world. Epson was delighted to see the children, many of whom normally have little or no opportunity to go outside, get a chance to enjoy an exciting time with their families and members of the hospital staff.

A Letter from the Nagano Children's Hospital

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the founding of Nagano Children's Hospital. We are grateful for the tremendous support that so many volunteers and people in the community have provided over the past two decades. So many people have brought fun and joy to the children. Not long ago I met with some employees from Epson. From the first time we met, I was struck by how serious they were about coming up with the best possible plan for a project at the hospital. Nagano Children's Hospital admits children who need care for a variety of reasons. Some of our patients cannot walk. Some are confined to bed. Others have undergone surgery or are unable to go out to play in places where there may be crowds. These are children who struggle day in and day out, so when they have something fun to look forward to, it gives them an incentive to keep fighting.

Masumi Okuhara
Assistant Head of Nursing
Nagano Children's Hospital

On the day that the children began to gather in a dimly lit room for Epson's digital aquarium exhibit, not a single child cried. Some children tried to catch the projected images of fish. Other children wove in and out between the soft cloth screens. All of them enjoyed themselves in their own way. Everyone was especially thrilled with the amusing jellyfish! Thank you so much for providing us with a welcome diversion, an adventure, and a blast of fresh air in an unusually hot summer.

Charity Run (Philippines)

EPPI Environment Manager Joyce Tan
(right) presents check to SOS Children's
Village Lipa Director Johnald Lasin

Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (EPPI) hosted "Takbo Para Sa Kalikasan 2013," a charity run, at the LiMA Technology Center in February 2013.

Instead of paying entry fees, runners were asked to bring in recyclables like PET bottles, newspapers, magazines, and cans. The many participants included EPPI employees, students from area high schools and universities, and employees of other businesses in the center. EPPI turned the goods in for cash and donated 13,466 pesos to SOS Children's Village Lipa, an NGO helping ill and disadvantaged children.

Hospice Fundraising (U.K.)

Every month, employees at Epson Telford Ltd. (ETL) pool their loose change and donate it to hospice. Based on a desire to be socially engaged in some way, over 130 employees contribute to the fund, which goes to Severn Hospice, an independent charity in the U.K.