Corporate Citizenship

Social Welfare

Fantas Aquarium (Japan)

Between July and December 2015, more than 120 Seiko Epson volunteers, put into groups of six to eight, took a digital aquarium projection show on the road, providing new visual and spatial experiences for children and adults at 16 hospitals and special needs schools around Japan.Epson backed up this program as a company by allowing the volunteers to participate during regular business hours.

People at the hospitals and schools said that the so-called digital aquarium was like a dream world and that some children who normally show little expression or reaction became noticeably more animated, following the moving fish with their eyes, for example. One person said that she feels the digital aquarium is a new model for programs that support persons with serious disabilities. At all venues, the show sparked heart-warming communication, and the audience showed obvious joy and appreciation. We will continue to hold the program in Japan in the fiscal year 2016.

Visitors enjoying an underwater world projected on soft cloth screens

Donations to Hope House Children's Hospices (U.K.)

Employees of British affiliate Epson Telford Ltd. (ETL) donated Easter eggs to Hope House Children's Hospices for Easter in 2015. The Hope House Children's Hospices supports medical facilities that provide terminal care to children with last stage cancer. In July, nine ETL employees raised money for Hope House by taking on a tandem skydiving challenge. ETL employees voluntarily participate in such programs as members of the community.

Easter eggs