Corporate Citizenship

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Environmental Conservation

Fourteenth Recycling Event Held (USA)

A visitor takes home a pine tree seedling
Event to collect harmful household waste

Epson Portland Inc. (EPI) sets aside every April as a month to think about energy conservation and the global environment. During this month, employees hold a recycling event. The event took place for the 14th time in 2015, with nearby businesses helping out. Participants collected unneeded electronic devices, batteries, used paper, and other items. Visitors also received one of 28 poplar or pine tree seedlings to plant at home. The seedlings were grown from seeds of trees on the EPI premises.

Along with this, EPI held an event in partnership with the local government to collect harmful household waste. Area citizens brought in old paint, antifreeze, and other materials. The collected waste was taken from EPI to a waste processing plant, where it was all appropriately dismantled and/or recycled.

Support for Tree Planting by Senior High School Students (Philippines)

Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (EPPI) began offering a tree planting program for area senior high school students in 2010. The program teaches students the importance of protecting the environment by letting them plant trees. In October 2014, a crew planted trees on Mt. Malipunyo in the province of Batangas in the northern Philippines, where EPPI is located. In total, 114 students took part, planting about 1,700 trees.

One group participating in the program

Students planting a seedling

>Planting Trees to Protect Water Resources (China)

ESL employees and families planting trees

In April 2014, Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ESL) volunteers planted trees along the banks of Xili Dam, a water resource protection area in Shenzhen, China. Some 50 employees and members of their families spent two hours planting more than 100 sweet osmanthus saplings to prevent sand and soil from washing into the dam and protect this precious source of water.

Donations for Cartridges (Worldwide)

Epson runs various programs throughout the world in which donations are given to environmental and charitable organizations based on the volume of ink and toner cartridges that are returned.

Worldwide programs