Corporate Citizenship

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Environmental Conservation

Planting Trees to Protect Water Resources (China)

ESL employees and families planting trees

In April 2014, Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ESL) volunteers planted trees along the banks of Xili Dam, a water resource protection area in Shenzhen, China. Some 50 employees and members of their families spent two hours planting more than 100 sweet osmanthus saplings to prevent sand and soil from washing into the dam and protect this precious source of water.

Community Cleanup by Employees and Their Families (China)

Children picking up trash in a Suzhou park
The cleanup event at the Shenzhen
Xili Fruit Farm

Epson holds cleanup events at sites in the vicinity of Epson facilities in China. Epson employee volunteers and members of their families participate in these community beautification events, which also help protect the environment.

Epson Precision Suzhou Co. Ltd (EPSZ) holds an annual parent-child cleanup event as a way to contribute to a healthy community environment and to the environmental education of children. In November 2013, approximately 70 volunteers participated in a cleanup of a local park. Through this event, the eager child volunteers learned about taking the initiative to protect the environment.

In March 2014, approximately 50 employees of Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ESL) and members of their families participated in a cleanup event at the Shenzhen Xili Fruit Farm as part of the local government's efforts to make Shenzhen among the most livable cities in China. The Shenzhen Xili Fruit Farm is situated along the bank of a dam reservoir in a water resource protection area. On the day of the two-hour event the volunteers picked up empty cans, food packages, paper, and other trash strewn along the path running next to the reservoir, restoring the cleanliness of that tract of the fruit farm.

Hand-Made Artificial Reefs (Thailand)

Assembling plastic pipes to create
an artificial reef

Employees of Epson Precision (Thailand) Ltd. (EPTH) built an artificial reef to be installed off Dong-Tran beach to provide a refuge and breeding ground for aquatic life forms. Personnel from the Royal Thai Navy explained and demonstrated how to make the reef, which required that EPTH's members work together to assemble a set consisting of 25 pieces of plastic piping. When deployed in the sea, it will become a home for sea life.

Reforestation Project in the Philippines

EPPI volunteers

For the past two years Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (EPPI) has been partnering with the National Power Corporation and the Malarayat-Malepunyo Watershed Protection Council (MMWPC) to plant trees on Mt. Malaraya-Malepunyo Lipa City. In 2013, 191 volunteers from EPPI, including the president, replanted an area covering two hectares with 4,000 saplings of various species native to the Philippines, including narra, kupang, tibig, toog, and taluto.

Nature Photography Festival Support (Germany)

Photos output using a large-format printer

In 2013, Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) became a premium partner of the Horizonte Festival and lent its expertise in the printing of photos for the festival. Held in Zingst, an area on the Baltic coast, the festival is aimed at raising environmental awareness via the powerful visual tool of photography.

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Energy Patrol activity (Taiwan)

On an energy patrol in Taiwan

Believing that environmental problems are better addressed through collaboration than competition, Epson participates in a program that sends engineer volunteers who belong to a cross-enterprise network out into the community to advise local businesses about ways to conserve energy.

The catalyst for this program was a pamphlet distributed to local enterprises containing energy-saving tips and technologies developed by Epson. Reaction to the pamphlet was positive, and Epson began receiving requests from companies to assess their energy use and recommend ways to save. Epson responded by forming the Suwa Regional Energy Patrol Team, in 2000. In 2005 the name was changed to the Shinshu Energy Patrol Team to reflect an expansion in the geographical scope of the program.

Then, in 2010, using know-how from the Shinshu Energy Patrol Team, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) partnered with local companies and groups to launch the Taiwan Energy Patrol Program to cover even more territory.

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Loggerhead Sea Turtle Protection Project (Japan)

Hatchlings headed for the ocean

Epson holds cleanup events at sites in the vicinity of Epson facilities in China. Epson employee volunteers and members of their families participate in these community beautification events, which also help protect the environment.

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Message from a project participant

Epson Making Valuable Contributions to University Research on Loggerhead Turtles

Tokyo University of Agriculture and
Technology Veterinary
Physiology Laboratory

Our laboratory is conducting collaborative research with Kamogawa Sea World to establish non-invasive methods to identify the gender of endangered loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings. The gender of sea turtles is determined by the temperature to which the egg is exposed during the incubation period, and Epson has provided a wireless temperature data-logger that enables this to be established. Our results suggests a correlation between temperature and sex steroid hormone concentration. We hope that Epson will continue to support this collaborative research to clarify the impact of climate change on sea turtles and contribute to their conservation.

Donations for Cartridges (Worldwide)

Epson runs various programs throughout the world in which donations are given to environmental and charitable organizations based on the volume of ink and toner cartridges that are returned.

Worldwide programs