Corporate Citizenship

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Education for Young People

Hosting Youth Soccer Clinic by Manchester United Alums (Malaysia and Singapore)

Soccer clinic participants (Malaysia)

Epson has been a sponsor of Manchester United Football Club, part of England's Premier League, since 2010. We have continued to support the team as its Official Office Equipment Partner since then.

In April 2012, we held the Epson United Spirit Soccer Clinic for youth living in protective facilities in Malaysia and Singapore.

The 64 youth who took part received instruction from a current Manchester United Soccer School coach and four former Manchester United players. Lessons included the importance of repetitive practice of basic moves.

Epson Green Environmental Protection Education for kids (China)

Special talk by British embassy staff

Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (ECC) held the Epson Green Next-Generation Environmental Protection Education Project in June 2012. Held for the sixth time, the project seeks to help children build an eco-friendly society in future. It increases their knowledge and consciousness of environmental protection and raises their interest in problems of the environment to encourage participation in conservation initiatives. This time, more than 40 Beijing elementary school second- and third-graders and family members were invited to a children's center. British embassy staff in China gave a special talk on protecting the environment where the Olympics were hosted.

Support for "Sports Tengoku" (Japan)

Children with photos of generations of
winning teams

The "34th Sports Tengoku," an all-ages sporting event for the people of Nagano Prefecture, took place in Matsumoto City in July 2012. The purpose is to promote lifelong sports and health. About 6,700 people took part in the event, which features 35 sports and divisions including relay races, mallet golf, tennis, and sumo. Since 2007, Epson has presented keepsake photos, along with a 2L size photo for each member, to the teams who won their relay races.

Photos of generations of winning teams hang in their schools, encouraging new classes of children. In turn, the children have sent us messages of thanks for the photos of their happy faces. Others have said, "We didn't always get good times in practice and often we really messed up, but because of your photo, our overall memory is good."

Project on Art and Science of Manufacturing (Japan)

In August 2012, Tohoku Epson Corporation invited 21 students from the Nakamura Manufacturing Project "Omoshiro Kagaku Monozukuri Juku" to get experience in a manufacturing setting.

Students watch a lathing demonstration
with interest

The project was launched eight years earlier with funds donated by Seiko Epson Corporation honorary advisor Tsuneya Nakamura. The purpose is to hold courses for children interested in monozukuri (the art and science of manufacturing) so they can understand it better.

After learning about Epson's manufacturing history and the structure of our semiconductors and printer heads, the students toured an assembly plant. They learned about components made at the Skills Olympics and saw a lathing demonstration. As they watched, they developed a deep interest in proper and fast handling.

Support for Public Schools (U.S.)

An Epson printer donated through
the program

Epson America, Inc. (EAI) has supported educational initiatives of public school teachers through DonorsChoose. org. That organization has a web site through which enterprises and individuals donate money. Teachers around the US can apply for classroom supplies like IT equipment, notebooks, and music teaching materials.

Two percent of the proceeds from EAI's online store sales from December 1-24, 2012 were donated to DonorsChoose. org, up to the $100,000 maximum.

Super Apprentice Program (U.K.)

For over ten years, Epson Telford Ltd. (ETL, U.K) has been working with local colleges and schools to recruit graduates for a three-year engineer apprenticeship program at the company.

ETL is located in the West Midlands region of England, a major industrial area. In recent years, many companies have had difficulty in recruiting skilled engineers.

2011 apprentices (wearing yellow shirts)

In addition to the apprenticeship program, ETL began a new "Super Apprentice" program that targets students from local schools. In 2011, five strong candidates were recruited from 200 applicants based on a challenging interview process. As part of the program, the apprentices gain deep and broad experience in various aspects of the working environment by spending four hours each week on practical learning at ETL in addition to their studies at school. This experience helps the apprentices identify a career path when they move on to university. ETL then continues to support the apprentices with two weeks of practical training every quarter until they graduate from university.

Work Experience Program in Shenzhen (China)

In January 2012, Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ESL) and Epson Precision (Shenzhen) Ltd. (EPSL) invited students from the Japanese School of Shenzhen, China to a three-day work experience program. The program consistent of hands-on assembly of mini-printers and watches and a tour of the consumables warehouse, dormitories, factories, and other buildings. Some of the students expressed a particular interest in the machinery and found the hands-on experience in the assembly classroom to be particularly rewarding.

Mini-printer assembly at ESL

Watch assembly at EPSL

Epson Supports Environmental Conservation and Education in the Philippines

Opening of Learning Resource Center at
Kayumanggi elementary school

As one of Epson's largest manufacturing plants, Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (Epson Precision (Philippines)), is conscious of its duty to protect the environment and contribute to the local community. This it does through its participation in Balik Baterya, a battery recycling program run by Motolite, a major battery manufacturer in the Philippines. The program is designed to support education in the Philippines by converting used batteries into cash. This article reports how Epson Precision (Philippines) is engaging in corporate citizenship by recycling its used batteries. (read more).

Epson Chile Helps Village Children Get a Better Education (Chile)

Children in Chile

Since 1985, Epson Chile has provided support to an escuela in the rural town of Ensenada, in southern Chile. The escuela had about 80 students, but the geographical isolation of the town made it all but impossible for them to continue on to higher education (read more).

Super Science High School (Japan)

Students learn how a computer works

In fiscal 2002, the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology began the Super Science High School (SSH) Program at select high schools around the country to prepare students for success in science and technology. The program, a joint effort between industry and academia, is currently running at around 140 schools in Japan.

Since 2002, Seiko Epson employees have served as instructors at Suwa Seiryo High School in Nagano Prefecture, one of the schools in the SSH program, where they teach students about the joys of research and manufacturing and about the importance of critical thinking.

Epson Scholarship Foundations (Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea)

Ceremony for scholarship recipients (Japan)

Epson's foundations aim to promote education, technology, and culture, to engage in environmental activities, and to contribute to the development of local communities. Our foundation in Hong Kong aims to protect the environment by working with external environmental groups. In Japan, we have another foundation that aims to promote economic, professional, and educational development in Asia by providing scholarships to students from Asian countries and by helping fund educational, technological and cultural exchange programs. In South Korea, yet another foundation funds scholarships for junior and senior high school students and provides computers and other equipment for learning.

Epson Information Science College (Japan)

In 1989, with the arrival of today's information-intensive world, Seiko Epson established the Epson Information Science College in order to develop reliable engineers capable of making broad contributions to the community.

Students listen to a lecture

One of the key educational policies of the school is to build positive character in addition to the development of knowledge and skills. Since its inception, the school has produced over 2,000 graduates who are working in various fields.

Education for young people is one of the areas of priority for our corporate citizenship activities. We aim to foster skilled workers who are sound of body and mind.

Green Talent Program (Taiwan)

In October 2011, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) ran a work experience program designed to develop "green talents"1 based on the principles of "prospering with the community" and "preserving the natural environment." The program gave undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn about CSR and environmental protection.

Twelve of the students who participated in the program in Taiwan were invited to Japan, where they received additional environmental training. Students developed an international perspective and deepened their knowledge of the environment through environment-themed discussions and tours of recycling facilities. The students are also expected to have a positive impact on society by talking about environmental protection.

Several of the students gave comments on the program. "Next year, I hope that they expand the activities and have more students visit Japan." "The program turned out to be very fruitful." "I was able to deepen my understanding of CSR and learn about Epson's corporate philosophy." Several of the students gave comments on the program. "Next year, I hope that they expand the activities and have more students visit Japan." "The program turned out to be very fruitful." "I was able to deepen my understanding of CSR and learn about Epson's corporate philosophy." "I learned a lot from the instructors and the employees were all very kind."

1 A student with an interest in environmental activities.

Epson Taiwan Holds Student CSR Training Program in Japan

Tour at Kanbayashi Plant (recycling)

Students have a discussion

Students with ETT President Sure Lee