Corporate Citizenship

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Education for Young People

Beekeeping Project

"You don't need to be scared of bees
but you must respect them,"
said one of the children.

Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) provided suits and equipment to help a local school set up a beekeeping project in February 2014. The children enjoy the work and learn important lessons about biology and project management. They harvested honey and made candles from beeswax that were sold at school bazaars in November 2014. Epson printed the labels that the kids design.

Message from teachers

Learning Outside the Classroom

Maria Montessori Comprehensive School
Headmaster Klaus Heesen (left rear)
Teacher Verena Uhl (2nd from the right)

Headmaster Klaus Heesen says, "This program is a great gain for the school. The children do not even notice that they are learning because they are so absorbed in their task."

Teacher Verena Uhl says, "It is very nice to watch how inquisitive and curious the students are. Thank you for your great commitment."

Assistance for Brazilian Schools in Japan

Seiko Epson president Minoru Usui
with Brazilian school students
President Usui shaking hands with some
of the students. Consul-General
Marco Farani is shown on the left.

In June 2014, Seiko Epson donated projectors and document cameras to 11 Brazilian schools in Japan to help improve the learning environment. During a speech at a donation ceremony, Minoru Usui, president of Seiko Epson, said, "Brazil and Japan share a long history during which hundreds of thousands of Japanese emigrated to Brazil and, more recently, large numbers of Brazilians came to Japan. Epson has deep ties with Brazil. Our Sao Paulo sales company has more than 150 Brazilian employees and our manufacturing company more than 500. I hope that you will use the donated equipment to further your studies and that, in the future, you might use your familiarity of Japanese culture to serve as a bridge between our two countries."

Consul-General Marco Farani of the Brazilian Consulate-General in Tokyo thanked Epson by saying, "The projectors and other equipment Epson has donated will be tremendously useful in improving the learning environment, and their use in the classroom will be treasured."

Epson Information Science Vocational School (Japan)

Epson Information Science Vocational

A class in session

Our society is increasingly built around information. To meet the needs of changing times, we established the Epson Information Science Vocational School in 1989. Its purpose is to develop technical personnel who are trusted by the community and can make wide-ranging contributions to society. As of March 2015, more than 2,400 persons have graduated from the college.

Most of the instructors are businesspeople or technical experts who have worked on the front lines of business. Even some of our own employees go out to the school to teach students. Classes are designed to ensure that students acquire technical skills they can put to practical use on the job. As a result of the school's efforts, we have made informal employment offers to 95% or more of each graduating class in the 26 years since it opened. The school continues to turn out a large number of persons who go to work in information technology, mechanics, electricity and electronics, and accounting.