Corporate Citizenship

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Education for Young People

Assistance for Brazilian Schools in Japan

Seiko Epson president Minoru Usui
with Brazilian school students
President Usui shaking hands with some
of the students. Consul-General
Marco Farani is shown on the left.

In June 2014, Seiko Epson donated projectors and document cameras to 11 Brazilian schools in Japan to help improve the learning environment. During a speech at a donation ceremony, Minoru Usui, president of Seiko Epson, said, "Brazil and Japan share a long history during which hundreds of thousands of Japanese emigrated to Brazil and, more recently, large numbers of Brazilians came to Japan. Epson has deep ties with Brazil. Our Sao Paulo sales company has more than 150 Brazilian employees and our manufacturing company more than 500. I hope that you will use the donated equipment to further your studies and that, in the future, you might use your familiarity of Japanese culture to serve as a bridge between our two countries."

Consul-General Marco Farani of the Brazilian Consulate-General in Tokyo thanked Epson by saying, "The projectors and other equipment Epson has donated will be tremendously useful in improving the learning environment, and their use in the classroom will be treasured."

Educational Assistance Program (America)

Children using a projector
in the classroom

In December 2013, Epson America, Inc. (EAI) partnered with online charity for its annual holiday season initiative. Epson helped to fund public school classroom projects in America by donating 5% of select purchases made on its online store - up to $100,000.

DonorsChoose enables teachers of grades K-12 to post ideas for classroom projects on its website and to request the materials and resources they need for their projects. Enterprises and individuals can help improve the learning environment by choosing projects they wish to support and donating money to DonorsChoose, which purchases and ships the supplies to the requester.

A kindergarten in Brooklyn, New York, received an Epson projector funded by donations. The teacher uses the projector not only to transform books into mini-movies but she also uses it to project interactive CDs to bring the math lessons to life. As a result, attendance has risen, tardiness has dropped and the children's schoolwork has improved.

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Environmental Education Program (China)

Environmental education at
an elementary school in Shenzhen, China

Epson has conducted an environmental education program for children in China since 2007. Held around the country in locations such as Beijing, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Suzhou, and Shenzhen, the program seeks to raise environmental awareness, spur interest in environmental problems, and empower children to initiate action to preserve the environment. China faces pressing environmental problems, and Epson hopes to help contribute by encouraging the younger generation to adopt green habits.

In October 2013, ten volunteers from Epson Engineering (Shenzhen) Ltd. (ESL) visited an elementary school in Shenzhen to teach more than 200 fifth-graders about environmental issues.

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Green Talent Program (Taiwan)

To foster a new generation of leaders who can help create a sustainable society, Epson Taiwan has since 2011 been sponsoring an environmental education program called the Green Talent Program. The program is for university and graduate school students.

Members of the Epson staff along with the
12 students selected to participate in the
Green Talent Program at Epson's Chitose

In June this year 90 students participated in a two-day training program in Taipei that focused on green manufacturing and marketing. Included in the program were lectures by an official in charge of marketing in the Green Trade Project Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and by executive officers of companies that are proactively trying to reduce their environmental impacts.The program also included hands-on experience in recycling. Twelve of the students were selected following an interview and written examination to visit Hokkaido in the autumn to learn about and see first-hand some of the many environmentally considerate ideas implemented at Epson's Chitose Plant and other locations.

School Desk Project (Philippines)

Lipa City students and the donated school

The President Corazon Aquino School Desk Project was founded in 2002 to help ensure that public schools had enough desks and chairs for a growing student population. In 2013, there was an unexpected 35% rise in the student enrollment rate in Lipa City, Batangas, home to Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc. (EPPI). This created a desk shortage, so EPPI, in partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, donated more than 400 school desks to three public schools in Lipa City. Epson was the first company to respond to this need.

The head of the project extended her gratitude to Epson for its patronage of a project that provides hope to Filipino youth by encouraging them to continue their studies and strive for a better future.

Epson Information Science College (Japan)

In 1989, with the arrival of today's information-intensive world, Seiko Epson established the Epson Information Science College in order to develop reliable engineers capable of making broad contributions to the community.

Students listen to a lecture

One of the key educational policies of the school is to build positive character in addition to the development of knowledge and skills. Since its inception, the school has produced over 2,000 graduates who are working in various fields.

Education for young people is one of the areas of priority for our corporate citizenship activities. We aim to foster skilled workers who are sound of body and mind.