Corporate Citizenship

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Culture and the Arts

Support for Tanzania World Heritage Site (Tanzania)

Reproduction of a rock painting

Epson Europe B.V. (EEB, Netherlands) donated a large format printer as a form of support for the preservation of rock paintings contained in a series of caves in the Kondoa district of central Tanzania.

The caves, which are registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, contain rock paintings estimated to date back thousands of years. The paintings depict animals, insects and people in geometric shapes. However, after years of wind, graffiti and vandalism, these precious paintings have become worn and need to be preserved. Using a large format printer donated by Epson, a local NGO prints out reproductions of the rock paintings and sells them to tourists to raise funds for preserving the site and supporting the local community.

Tourists view the rock paintings

Large format printer donated by Epson

Original Moomin Drawings as Digital Art (Finland)

Epson Europe B.V. (EEB, Netherlands) has been reproducing original artwork of the world-famous Moomin series, which is housed in the Tampere Art Museum in Finland, as Epson digigraphie fine art since July 2011.

Digigraphie fine art reproductions of Moomin artwork
(Tampere Art Museum)

Epson digigraphie fine art is a form of art in which a professional Epson inkjet printer is used to create a digital reproduction of a work of art.

Many museums from across the globe have asked to borrow the Moomin artwork, but the Tampere Art Museum could not meet all of their requests due to the risk of damage or deterioration during transport. However, by using Epson digigraphie, which faithfully reproduces the brush strokes, textures and shadows of the original artwork, the museum no longer has to worry about such risks and is able to share the artistic value of the artwork with people worldwide.

Saito Kinen Orchestra (Japan)

Saito Kinen OrchestraSaito Kinen Festival Matsumoto

Epson has helped sponsor the Saito Kinen Orchestra since 1989 as part of our patronage of music and the arts in Japan. We are also a special corporate sponsor of the Saito Kinen Festival Matsumoto, held annually in Matsumoto City since 1992. In 2009, the festival began holding concerts by up-and-coming performers for students from elementary and special needs schools in Nagano. These concerts offer the students a rare and valuable opportunity to experience a live orchestra and to develop an interest in classical music.