Corporate Citizenship

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Community Events

Children's Assistance Program (China)

Since 2012, Epson Wuxi Co., Ltd. (EWL) has worked through the China Charity Federation in Wuxi to provide assistance to economically disadvantaged children in the city who need financial aid to continue their education. In 2014, a total of 25 high school and vocational school students to whom EWL provided assistance over a period of three years successfully graduated.

Pencils and notebooks donated by the
management and employees of EWL

In June 2014, EWL management and employees also co-sponsored donations to an orphanage in the Tibet Autonomous Region and to an elementary school in Gansu Province. They donated multiple boxes of clothing (some 180 articles of clothing) and company-procured school supplies, such as pencils, erasers, notebooks, and books. A few months later, in September, they sent several more boxes full of clothing and new school supplies. EWL is committed to continuing sustained, meaningful assistance programs that meet local needs.

Community Beautification Activities (Global)

Epson offices around the world help keep their local communities clean and beautiful. Beautification activities not only keep our communities looking good, they also foster a spirit of community volunteerism and activism.

Lake Suwa Adopt Program
(cleanup program in Suwa, Japan)

Dong Jiangbin Park cleanup program
(Fuzhou, China)

Road Warrior cleanup activities
(Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.)

Case Study: Epson's Shiojiri Plant Recognized for Beautification Efforts (Japan)

Yuji Akatsu with certificate of
commendation and plaque in hand

Since 2007, employees at Epson's Shiojiri Plant have helped to beautify the local community by picking up trash and weeding along a river that runs by the plant. Every year the more than 600 employees of the Shiojiri Plant split up into five groups, and every month, from April through August, one of the groups goes out to beautify the community. Since 2010 they have also been carpeting the river bank with shibazakura, flowering plants in pinks, purples, and various other colors.

In May 2014, the prefectural government showed its appreciation by recognizing the Shiojiri Plant with an award for its efforts to enrich the environment. Yuji Akatsu, manager of the W General Affairs Group, says, "I think there is value in activities that get everyone involved. It is an honor to be recognized for this program, which is now in its seventh year and has raised the consciousness of employees to environmental beautification."

Epson Rural Education Program (China)

Epson (China) Co., Ltd. (ECC) launched a program in 2009 designed to improve the learning environment in schools in the rural western area of China. Under this program, ECC donated and installed projectors, PCs, and peripheral equipment that could be used with education software to computerize classrooms. ECC also offered the training course for teachers as part of the program.

Dedication ceremony
for the Epson Rural Education Program

In 2014 ECC outfitted classrooms in seven elementary and middle schools in Sichuan province with projectors, PCs, and other information equipment. In August of the same year, ECC invited 40 elementary and middle school teachers to Sichuan Normal University to participate in a one-week training course in the use of the equipment. Says author Lui Wenjia, who backs this program and has been visiting classrooms as a volunteer to explain how to use the equipment,"Teachers usually conduct lessons by lecturing and writing on a blackboard, but now, with the aid of advanced information equipment, they have access to a vast trove of colorful images and content that will further promote learning and increase student motivation."

To date, ECC has donated equipment to 30 elementary and middle schools in Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, and Yunnan Province. Moreover, nearly 240 teachers have participated in training courses. Epson is committed to continuing its efforts to improve the effectiveness of information equipment in the classroom and to assist schools in improving the learning environment.

Commemorative photo with students

Teachers from Sichuan receiving training

Blood Drive (Philippines)

Employees donating blood
Blood Galloner Award ceremony

Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (EPPI), in partnership with the Batangas chapter of the Philippine Red Cross and with the cooperation of EPPI employees, has participated in Red Cross blood drives since 2000. The company further promoted this initiative in 2014 with the slogan "One pack of blood saves a life. One action creates millions of smiles." Once a month, EPPI employees and their family members can come in at any convenient time between 10 AM and 7 PM to donate blood. To further inspire employees to give blood, the company partners with the Philippine Red Cross give regular talks about blood and medical exams.

The Philippine Red Cross commended EPPI in 2014 for their efforts. Moreover, seven employees who had donated a large amount of blood were given the "Blood Galloner Award."