Corporate Citizenship

Community Events

Garment Collecting and Reuse (China)

Since 2015, the management and employees of Epson Wuxi Co., Ltd. (EWL), in collaboration with Wuxi city, have been participating in a program to collect and reuse unwanted clothes. EWL installed a collection box in its office and encouraged its employees to donate clothes they no longer need. Wuxi city periodically picks up the clothes. As of April 2016, EWL, as the first company to install a clothes collection box, has collected approximately 1,500 articles of clothing. EWL is committed to continuing meaningful assistance programs that meet local needs.

The collection box installed in the office

Movie Events and Painting Contests (Taiwan)

Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) has been showing movies at elementary schools in Taiwan since 2009. The aim is to use Epson projectors to bring the joy of movies to local children. To date, ETT has shown movies to about 110,000 people in 1,100 places.

Since 2010, ETT also has been holding a painting contest that has a movie theme. Somewhere between 1,300 to 1,500 works are submitted by children every year. The works are screened by well-known journalists and artists, and selected works are awarded prizes.

Children enjoying a movie

Employee Blood Drive (Philippines)

Epson Precision (Philippines), Inc. (EPPI), in partnership with the Batangas chapter of the Philippine Red Cross and with the cooperation of EPPI employees, has participated in Red Cross blood drives since 2000.

Once a month, EPPI employees and their family members can come in at any convenient time between 10 AM and 7 PM to donate blood. To further inspire employees to give blood, the company partners with Philippine Red Cross to continually give talks about blood and medical exams. In the 2015 fiscal year, a total of 1,347 employees participated in the blood drives. The Philippine Red Cross commended EPPI in 2015 for their efforts. Moreover, 19 employees who had donated a large amount of blood were given the "Blood Galloner Award."

Blood Galloner Award ceremony

Career Education for Junior High School Students (Japan)

In October 2015, Epson held a career education lesson for 115 first grade pupils from Fujimi Junior High School in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Six employees of the Wearable Products Operations Division served as instructors on the theme "What is work?" Fujimi Junior High School started this activity in 2014 to give pupils the opportunity to think about their future from first grade. At the request of the school, Epson has dispatched lecturers for two consecutive years.

General Manager Yasunobu Ikemoto of the Wearable Products Operations Division explained that the various divisions of the company work separately and collectively to create, produce and sell products that are useful and enjoyable for customers to use. The pupils then split into groups to consider development and design, planning and design, production technology, marketing, and management, followed by a lively question and answer session about the hardships and pleasures of work.

Pupils listen to the lecturers
The question and answer groups

Donation of a Cassroom for a Typhoon-Damaged Elementary School (Philippines)

In June 2015, Epson Precision (Philippines) Inc. (EPPI, Philippines) constructed a building and donated desks to replace classrooms at Bislig Elementary School in Tanauan on Leyte Island of the Philippines that were damaged by a typhoon. The handover ceremony was attended by the mayor of Tanauan, officials from the board of education, President Tadaaki Hagata of EPPI, and employees from Leyte Island.

On November 8, 2013, Yolanda, the most powerful typhoon ever recorded made landfall, devastating Leyte and Samar islands in the central Philippines. About 10 million people or ten percent of the total population of the Philippines were affected. Leyte Island and its vicinity was particularly heavily affected. About 1,200 schools were damaged, affecting about 190,000 pupils. Much of the typhoon damage was due to high tides of nearly two meters, so the new building has a large space on the rooftop to enable evacuation during such tides.

Temporary classroom used after the typhoon
The newly completed school